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Why bother back then, the confucian sages sealed pure kana cbd oil review the witch gods with a huge secret looking at kyushu, those who know the secrets in it can count with two hands when the country is.

Barrier is invisible and tangible, it keeps wei yuan out of the valley inside the valley is another world, which refuses wei yuan to enter only pure kana cbd oil review super products can stop super products the.

Air wave buzzed and bounced the carving knife away salun agu looked at this scene and said sorcerer god has been able to Chromak Research pure kana cbd oil review infiltrate the seal and affect reality it is not a sculpture to be.

Slaughtered it is a pity .

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pure kana cbd oil review

Does Cbd Help Sleep pure kana cbd oil review Chromak Research what is cbd means Does Cbd Make You Sleepy. that your reaction is too fast if it can be delayed for two or three years, the sorcerer god can mobilize more luck wei yuan turned his neck and looked at salun.

Said frankly do you still have a choice the corner of wei yuan s mouth curled up who said there is no such thing inside what suburb is brisbane cbd jingshan city, the figure of a white clothed pure kana cbd oil review warlock appeared, and.

Stomped lightly blue shark cbd rick simpson oil with him as the core, the formation spread rapidly, covering the surrounding streets and houses teleportation pattern a famous cavalry appeared suddenly, holding a steel.

State is bordered by three states on the border of dafeng it is easy to defend and difficult to attack because of the dangers even a common man can pinch his waist and laugh the central.

The battle of shanhaiguan nangong qianrou raised her saber high, with a gloomy and cold demeanor, she shouted since the founding of dafeng, in the past six hundred years, the witch gods.

Gods for a long time the soldiers of dafeng, follow me to slaughter the city massacre massacre massacre shen xiong s roars gathered in one place, and the sound shook the sky ten thousand.

Progressed to this point, and this third rank master feels powerless from the bottom of his heart you, wei pure kana cbd oil review yuan, are neither a disciple of pure kana cbd oil review confucianism nor those mortal ants a second rank.

Martial artist is enough to take care of himself and be at ease why bother to seek death if you say beat your witch god cult, hit your witch god cult wei yuan looked away from jingshan.

Enemies there are, and who every step is, he has counted jian zheng once said, in today s world, there are too few people who can fight with me in a game of chess, regardless of the.

Lightly slashed at the barrier that was already as thin as an eggshell, pure kana cbd oil review Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies breaking through the barrier of the witch god irbu and uda pagoda watched wei yuan enter the valley with.

Unwillingness on their faces saren agu and the Cbd Gummy Reviews pure kana cbd oil review first emperor joan of arc looked at this scene, the former s eyes were calm, while the latter s eyes were indifferent the altar is tens of.

Of the witchcraft cult, the founder of the wizard system after the era of gods and demons, one of the few super products it is not too much to call it like a god like a demon wei yuan.

Confucian saints to break the barrier, just to weaken the power of confucian saints layer by layer when he was on the altar, how much power did confucian saints have left he is cbd oil good for eczema how much is half a gram of cbd oil wei yuan is.

Not a tool, not just a tool to carry the soul of a confucian sage and a hero on the contrary, he, wei yuan, is the one who seals the witch god in this world confucian saints are his tools.

The heaven and the earth worked together to strangle wei pure kana cbd oil review yuan there are two roads before wei yuan the first road is to use the power of confucian saints to climb to the summit as for.

One inhabited for hundreds of miles, and the dead bones are buried in the mountains more ferocious and violent than monsters to this day, that battle is still a shadow in the hearts of.

Wei yuan 1,200 years later only these two people the great wizard saren agu sighed, wei yuan, the revival of the witch god is the general trend now that the central plains is depleted of.

Was like threads, but it did not drip, but turned into crimson brilliance, drifting towards pure kana cbd oil review the distant altar and towards the sculpture of the witch god blood sacrifice the blood.

Sacrifice dafa of witchcraft hearing the voice of the great wizard, the wizards who saw this scene understood that the witch god cult was at a critical moment of life and death hundreds.

Father and son died at the hands of the same Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review person nalan yan slowly closed his eyes and passed away quietly one after another, the wizards fell down and turned into haggard corpses they.

Spot the baizhang black shadow confronted pure kana cbd oil review the baizhang phantom, like two giants who created the world confucian saints in the black shadow, came a ethereal and loud voice, like anger.

Hatred, or sigh accompanied by this sound, there was a scorching thunder in the sky, and the situation changed color a terrible storm has come you will regret this the ethereal and grand.

Different from ants there was the sound of bones breaking, and the power of the gods had already shattered all the bones in wei yuan s body before the attack of the gods came his spine.

Bent down suddenly, as if he was pure kana cbd oil review carrying a huge mountain on his shoulders, it was difficult to lift his head up at this moment, wei yuan was like porcelain that was about to fall apart.

Times he, wei yuan, didn t want the backbone of civilization to collapse, and he didn t want the people of the central plains to bow their heads as slaves for generations the finger that.

Altar the sky is falling the black shadow condensed by the witch god collapsed inch by inch, disintegrating into terrifying waves that swept across the world this force swept over the.

Jingshan city, has since become history only the altar, protected by the seal of confucian saints and the power of witches and gods, survived this devastating wave wei yuan stood proudly.

Understand no pure kana cbd oil review heirs, no family, all alone the gold and silver treasures that the eunuchs regarded as spiritual pillars, he also regarded as dung after decades of ups and downs in the.

Officialdom, there is really no desire wei yuan s gaze seemed to penetrate thousands what is cbd means Thc And Cbd Gummies of mountains and rivers, and he saw the sub sacred temple on the top of qingyun Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review mountain, the stone.

Tablet standing in the temple, and the crooked four sentences why wei yuan said softly build a heart for the world, establish a life for the people, inherit the knowledge of the past, and.

Once held the carving knife, the flesh and blood disappeared, revealing the bloodshot bones tsing yi is ragged, clothes are like people, and people are like clothes since then, there has.

Wilderness away from jingshan ah ah ah nangong qianrou s roar spread across the sky, her voice was filled with grief and despair mixed with deep seated hatred witch god witch god witch.

Is my pure kana cbd oil review heart hurting so well he frowned tightly, wanting to .

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pure kana cbd oil review

Does Cbd Help Sleep pure kana cbd oil review Chromak Research what is cbd means Does Cbd Make You Sleepy. tease himself .

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pure kana cbd oil review

Best Cbd Oil For Sleep what is cbd means, pure kana cbd oil review Cbd Sleep Gummies Cbd Oil Sleep. a few words, for example, if you are at the peak of the fifth grade, you will have a myocardial infarction but for.

Night the candlelight was like beans, and xu qi an by the table was holding the fragments of the book from the ground, and passed broad spectrum organic hemp oil with cbd the letter on I explored the ground with the national.

And became the emperor in the palace oh, I forgot, he is yuan jingdi xu qi an was very pure kana cbd oil review Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies concerned about the disappearance of the .

Will Cbd Oil Gel Caps Ship Okay In Summer Heat

first emperor a high grade powerhouse who had practiced.

But the other party was the late emperor, who was polluted by the head of the earth sect a pinnacle expert who is full of malice and completely evil in nature must also be punished four.

We might as well change our thinking what do you think, yuan jing, ah no, which practice system did the late emperor follow chu zhuangyuan, one of the wise men in the dishu chat group.

Asked a question the early breaking of the emperor was tantamount to cutting off the path of martial arts he followed luo yuheng to practice for 21 years there is no doubt that he.

To live forever he lived an extra forty Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review years as he wished therefore, the ultimate goal of the first emperor is still longevity but the problem is, no matter how powerful the first.

Emperor is, he can be as powerful as gaozu wuzong or as powerful as confucian saints all these characters have passed away, let alone the first emperor according to the rules of heaven.

And earth that those who have luck cannot live forever, the real age of the first emperor was 80 years old, and the confucian saints only lived to be 82 years old this means that the late.

Month, and he doesn t know how the battle is going on a certain night when the army set out for more than how much cbd oil to give a 14 lb dog a month, the moonlight was like water, clear and bright da da da on the official.

Housekeeper slapped on the door and shouted master, master, wake up in the dark room, the candles were lit, and the maid sleeping in the outer room put on her clothes, held the.

Pond report for eight hundred miles wang shoufu was getting old, he was woken up in the middle of the night, and he couldn t hide his exhaustion he pure kana cbd oil review pinched his brows and said, change.

Shoufu was fine yesterday, but what kind of blow made people lose their energy and energy to such a state overnight wang shoufu raised his head, looked around at the scholars, and said.

Slowly in a deep voice, wei yuan, he died after a pause, he added only 16,000 of the Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review 100,000 troops have been withdrawn boom everyone seemed to be struck pure kana cbd oil review by lightning, their minds were.

Deep voice I know it s hard to believe, but for now, it s the truth my lords, please put away all bad emotions listen to me this battle is very strange the tang newspaper has already.

Entered the palace before the morning court, let s discuss it first dawn was approaching, and all the scholars left with exhausted expressions and worries wang shoufu beckoned for a.

Zhang s voice came da cbd gummies natural lang, someone is looking for you, claiming to be someone from the cabinet cabinet wang shoufu sent someone to look for me at this time xu qi an got up immediately.

Straightforwardly my lord, Cbd Gummy Reviews pure kana cbd oil review what do you want from me the middle aged official said master shoufu pure kana cbd oil review asked me to bring you a sentence sure enough, wang shoufu xu qi an nodded please tell me.

Understand wang shoufu s character, xu qi an would have thought that pure kana cbd oil review Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies wang shoufu was deliberately provoking him, but it was precisely because he knew that wang shoufu would not do this.

Time the middle aged official looked up and saw a pale face your majesty and the princes will meet at court today, and they will definitely discuss this matter the follow up tang.

Own sleep this has nothing to do with women s aging due to lack of sleep the main reason is that if she lacks sleep, it may lead to some sudden diseases, such as myocardial infarction and.

Meridian gate and the jinshui bridge in a calm atmosphere, and stopped in positions that matched their official positions the princes walked past danbi and entered the magnificent and.

By one at dawn no excuses are allowed, including illness, as long as they are not dead, they must be carried into the palace something must have happened the beijing officials are all.

Keen officer, thoughtful a quarter of an hour later, emperor yuan jing came in from the back of the Chromak Research pure kana cbd oil review hall he was no longer wearing taoist robes but a bright yellow dragon robe the moment.

Right time and said loudly I have something to play after the words fell, wang shoufu stepped out of the line and said in a deep voice your majesty, there is an urgent report from the.

The army, and the soldiers approached the city now those difficult cities have been defeated by wei yuan yingguo fought .

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in the north for several months, and suffered heavy losses, and was.

Sect then the sorcerer sect, a gigantic monster that has dominated the northeast for thousands of miles, will collapse suddenly, and it will be difficult to rise again countless people of.

Ministry of war came out and bowed your minister believes that 20,000 troops should be drawn from the states pure kana cbd oil review adjacent to Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review the pure kana cbd oil review three states of xiang, jing and henan, and the remnants of the.

Person in charge of the army to go there emperor yuan jing glanced at him, and seeing that he did not continue, he nodded and said, what chen aiqing said is true at this time, qin.

To send to the northeast for peace talks qin yuandao, the servant of the ministry of war, is a firm member of the emperor s faction, and he wears the same pair of pants as yuan xiong, who.

Very big according to the law of dafeng, if an infantry soldier is killed in battle, the family will be given the full pure kana cbd oil review military salary of 36 shimi for three years, which is converted into.

After that, they were given 610 doumi a month for their entire lives going up in turn, different arms, different official positions, different pensions, and strict rules and regulations.

In addition, pure kana cbd oil review there is another rule, which is also the reason why the court princes fell into dead silence defeated, the pension is halved the minister of the household department raised.

Said I m a little tired this matter is of great importance we will discuss it tomorrow the old eunuch said loudly back to court bang bang the door of the room rang twice weakly, and it.

Miaozhen was taken aback for a moment, and said doubtfully, pure kana cbd oil review you are going to fight too xu qi an shook his head slightly, and said, duke wei, he died on the battlefield li miaozhen s face.

Be fake compassion that had nothing to do with her at this time xu qi an said softly I don t believe it, I don t believe he will die in battle, so cv sciences cbd oil please take me to the border if he.

Concubine chen said with emotion it would be great if wei yuan could die on the battlefield hearing this sentence, lin an pure kana cbd oil review frowned, not because she was dissatisfied with her concubine.

Certainty it seems to know something, but before the final conclusion is made, I am a little nervous and not sure about it the second princess, who has a girlish innocence, of course does.

Ascended the throne in the future, he would accept the reality and Cbd Gummy Reviews pure kana cbd oil review pure kana cbd oil review serve the palace there were only three flesh and blood people present, and the prince did not shy away from speaking.

And said let s Cbd Gummy Reviews pure kana cbd oil review stay pure kana cbd oil review in jingxiu palace for lunch, and drink a few cups with concubine mother after wei yuan died, concubine mother s heart disease was finally cured, and she felt relaxed.

The prince also laughed okay, today my son will have a good drink with my mother and concubine lin an looked at them silently, looking at pure kana cbd oil review the two people who were connected by her blood.

She suddenly felt intense sadness this kind of sadness stems from loneliness what they said, what they did, what they were happy about, and what they were angry about, it was difficult.

Bedroom at this time huaiqing had already woken up, was sitting in the outer room enjoying breakfast, she looked at the chief guard who came in a hurry and stopped outside the door, and.

Remembering something, she lost her voice mother s queen huaiqing got up quickly, ran out of the dormitory, came to the study, and took out a letter from a history book she gathered the.

Palace, and the two maids chased after her, panting, holding on to her waist, her face was pale, and she looked like she couldn t survive in the fengqi palace, the queen sits in front of.

The table and spreads incense she is wearing a golden luoluan costume and a small phoenix crown on her head she is beautiful, graceful and luxurious this stunning beauty who lives deep in.

Other women are all ten chips worse pure kana cbd oil review than me that s a very Cbd Gummy Reviews pure kana cbd oil review high rating because in the eyes of the princess, there are only two kinds of women in the world, one is mu nanzhi, and the other.

Her enemy huaiqing stared at his mother, qiu shui s bright eyes flashed with sadness what xu qi an can guess, she can naturally guess too many pure kana cbd oil review things have been explained in the case of.

Concubine fu she put the envelope on the table, and said calmly before wei gong went out to fight, I best cbd gummies rated asked me to hand over the letter to you after speaking, she Does Cbd Make You Tires what is cbd means turned and left stepping.

Eyebrows were furrowed, and she asked loudly emu oil with cbd mom, are you sending me here to study again my aunt said who sells sunrise cbd oil near me angrily, no, I have already given up on you xu lingyin jumped vigorously, and smiled.

Mother is the best to me why did I give birth to such a worthless daughter my aunt almost cried because of her when they arrived at the academy, they went to the small courtyard where.

They lived in the previous two times with ease after making arrangements for the family, xu qi an and li miaozhen left the courtyard side by side, and saw the dean zhao shou standing not.

Far away, looking at him with a serious face before wei yuan left for the expedition, he entrusted me to keep two things and let me hand them over to you when the time is right zhao shou.

Took out a letter from his arms, handed it to xu qi an, and said, this is the letter he left for you another thing he didn t mention xu qi an didn t ask, took the letter, put it in his.

Arms, and nodded slightly the two left with swords on can i take cbd oil before a fasting blood test the Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review border of xiangzhou, yuyang pass the desolate barking of the dog echoed in the sky, circling circles in the sky far away at the.

First time, and it will be written in the history books do you know what this means, you vulgar things the centurion waved his fist excitedly your name will go down in history but wei.

Saint of tianzong it seems very powerful to be able to fly with a sword it s not just powerful, feiyan is invincible where she is, no one will dare to do evil real or fake everyone says.

So the soldiers were pleasantly whispering to cbd edibles gummies near me each other, the lower ranks didn t have a deep concept of rank, or even knew nothing about it in their eyes, a third rank master was not as.

The soldiers looked at the two young men and women with scrutiny in their eyes then, they all looked at pure kana cbd oil review the man behind tianzong saintess in unison his facial features are handsome and.

Brows he is somewhat familiar, as if he has seen it somewhere, pure kana cbd oil review but he can t remember who it is until the body of the centurion trembled, his rough face suddenly flushed red, and he said.

Erupting from the top of the city, and the noise was like boiling some of them rushed out of the camp, some reined in their horses, some stopped their work, turned their heads and looked.

Towards the city they heard countless cheers, merged into one voice xu yinluo for the dragons without a leader dafeng soldiers, the word xu yinluo is a shot in the arm, a backbone, and a.

Died on the spot among the fourth rank, only chen ying and I withdrew back after a long absence, xu qi an had the urge to smoke he collected himself and said softly, where is mr wei zhang.

You really want wei gong to die so much after the brothers withdrew, chen ying led a team to behead all the officials of the sanzhou household department in a rage hundreds of people were.

Emperor joan of arc when the hatred gradually calmed down, xu qi an re examined the battle, and suddenly felt a chill down his spine and a chill in his heart with his logical reasoning.

View, wei yuan expected that the imperial court would hold back so from the very beginning, he planned to fight quickly, without leaving any retreat, without supplies, and searched.

Locally to support the battle, and pushed it directly to the base camp of the witch god cult in the final decisive jolly cbd gummies for diabetes battle, wei yuan faced four super masters if he was only a second rank.

So many years and announce to best cbd oil in nevada the outside world that he has no cultivation and is an ordinary person another example is why the first emperor joined forces with the sorcerer god cult to.

Not difficult to maintain the stability of the overall situation on the contrary, sending soldiers and generals of one s own country to the enemy s tiger s mouth on its own initiative.

Will obviously cause more trouble xu qi an thought of a familiar sentence why pure kana cbd oil review did your majesty rebel this is his doubt at this time finally, why did wei pure kana cbd oil review yuan capture the main altar of the.

Witch god cult without hesitation it turned out that I didn t even have the ability to collect his body xu qi an felt a pain in his heart amidst the ups and downs of his thoughts, he took.

A deep breath wei gong has been keeping a low profile zhang kaitai let out a hmm , looked at the military pure kana cbd oil review tent with ecstasy and said slowly after the battle of shanhaiguan, duke wei had a.

Who survived, what are your plans for the future being a watchman, I ve been a watchman all my life zhang kaitai turned his head and looked at him what about you silence answered him at.

This time, a lieutenant came rushing over, with an anxious expression on his face, and said loudly master commander, the scouts are here to report that yan guo and kang guo have assembled.

Rushing, but the stern expression showed that jin pure kana cbd oil review luo was extremely heavy in his heart in a short time, more than a dozen generals wearing armor and carrying knives stepped into the.

Things to deal with under such circumstances, the correct approach was to deploy troops and repair the breached cities, while sending is cbd oil legal in hospitals scouts to keep an eye on the border it is impossible.

To start a war lightly in the short term on the contrary, it means that the witch god cult and dafeng will not die endlessly we don t have enough troops there s not enough food and grass.

City the sorcerer sect has siege equipment, a small part of which is made by itself, and some are secretly smuggled large scale Cbd Gummy Reviews pure kana cbd oil review weapons during the battle of shanhaiguan, the witch god.

Sect learned from the painful experience, summed up the reasons for the defeat, and believed that the dafeng can dominate kyushu, and heavy lethal weapons are the most important reliance.

Equipment including gunpowder however, the witch god sect has no warlocks the siege equipment, artillery and crossbows they made are all mortal things, and what they serve pure kana cbd oil review are magical.

It s hard to stop them I remember that nurheja is a fourth rank, a double fourth rank in martial arts and wizard systems these words made the generals pure kana cbd oil review present frowned, and the atmosphere.

Other systems zhang kaitai replied to his question the succession of the throne of the vassal state of the witch god cult is different from that of our central plains in the yanjingkang.

Three Chromak Research pure kana cbd oil review kingdoms system, the government affairs were handled by the ministers, and the monarch held the military power therefore, the monarchs of all dynasties were all brave warriors and.

Zhang kaitai continued nurheja is the contemporary yanjun his overall planning ability may not be as good as xiahou yushu, but in terms of personal combat power, the two xiahou yushu are.

Not his opponents nurheja is not only the pinnacle of the fourth rank, but also the pinnacle of the fourth rank of the dual system before the expedition, we were even prepared to replace.

Him with two or can you take cbd oil every day three an i run cbd oil tincture on my feet Cbd Gummies Amazon pure kana cbd oil review fourth tier players who would have thought who would have thought that we would not be able to attack even the flames xu qi an calmly glanced at the generals.

Eyes, and thought about it can you use human grade cbd oil for dogs his silence disappointed the generals who knew that xu yinluo was a master in the art of war the pinnacle of the fourth rank of the dual system Chromak Research pure kana cbd oil review is a bit.

Of different systems can produce the effect of qualitative change just like when xu qi an temporarily became an all rounder with the help of confucian magic books, he overwhelmed li.

Miaozhen, who has been promoted to the fourth rank for half a year, will basically be pressed and beaten when he encounters those who are at the top of the fourth rank what is the concept.

Rank masters, but they can only be used against .

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pure kana cbd oil review

Best Cbd Oil For Sleep what is cbd means, pure kana cbd oil review Cbd Sleep Gummies Cbd Oil Sleep. weaker fourth rank masters like li miaozhen moreover, it may not be able can cbd oil help my dog with seizures to hit the opponent the deterrent effect of the buddhist lion s.

Roar is not effective against wizards who are proficient in the realm of primordial spirit if I can t cut that knife, I will be finished master shenshu didn t wake up, you can never wake.

Will die first if I don t use pure kana cbd oil review it too hard, I can t kill the dual system of the peak of the fourth rank after carefully examining his methods, xu qi an was a little discouraged with a.

Fifth rank body, it is almost impossible to kill the fourth rank peak double system without opening and closing even if he joins forces with li beastly betty s cbd oil miaozhen and zhang kaitai, it will.

Of .

Can You Fail A Hair Follicle Test From Cbd Oil

the high grade warriors where to buy cbd gummies nearby of the dafeng have been lost in jingshan city in a small yuyang pass, there are as many masters as there are, and is it enough for us to kill su gudu red bear.

Was concise pure kana cbd oil review kill kill as much as you best cbd oil for kids pets norco ca non thc cbd oil legal can, and kill as much as you can repeat the massacre of thousands of miles from forty years ago nurhega looked at the banners waving at the top of the.

Looked solemn, as if they were facing an enemy zhang kaitai pressed the handle of the knife with a solemn expression, overlooking the army under the city, said in a deep voice the witch.

Interior is very empty now, can we go around and attack .

Where Is Cbd Oil Consumed The Most

the capital of yan kingdom zhang kaitai shook his head it s not that simple nurgahe is not stupid he must have left a minimum force.

Other cities, the front line is too how good is cbd oil for carpal tunnel long, and the enemy can easily cut off our food and grass, and the brothers sent out will die in vain xu qi an nodded slowly at this time, he saw yiqi.

Coming out, and with his eyesight, he could vaguely see that it Does Cbd Make You Tires what is cbd means was a burly man with frosty temples, eyes as .

sharp as knives, and a fierce aura under the crotch is a black scaled pure kana cbd oil review alien.

Actions with his own life he honored the god of the army, but that pure kana cbd oil review s all the god of war that dafeng is so proud of was easily killed by our pure kana cbd oil review witch god sect, and became a stepping stone for.

On the top of the city, drums sound like thunder, and horns blow boom, boom, boom the cannons mounted on the female wall fired one after another, cbd and gummies and one after another the cannons smashed.

Condensed with white light shot into pure kana cbd oil review the distance the lethality of the arrows was inferior to that of artillery, but their range and penetration were better therefore, the targets of the.

Asked, who is that man no need for others to answer, nurheja knew who the young man hempworx 500 cbd oil who manipulated the flying sword to break the siege engine was the cheering soldiers at the top of the.

In the dust behind the two leaders, followed more than 30 warriors, their cultivation bases varied, but the lowest was a sixth grade copper skinned and iron boned warrior who could rely.

On his body to roll among thousands of armies those who have not reached the level of copper skin and iron bones are not qualified to cbd oil rosacea charge .

Can Cbd Oil Help An Uptight Person Relax

forward at the top of the city, the guards.

Were stunned the siege of ordinary soldiers is .

How Long Do Cbd Oil Drops Block Pain

okay, but the siege of high rank warriors is the most troublesome, especially when there is a huge difference in the number of high rank.

Guards were killed or injured a general shouted prepare the magic crossbow the soldiers who had been Chromak Research pure kana cbd oil review prepared for a long time launched a strange looking crossbow these crossbows are.

Feng soldiers to burst into cheers, shouting xu yinluo the generals breathed a sigh of relief as long as xu yinluo is still there, the soldiers of the great feng will not lack morale.

Pieces of iron embedded into the city wall and into the bodies of the surrounding guards he ran wildly to kill the tianzong saintess, knocking into the air all the soldiers along the way.