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Practiced for a year, it would still be difficult for them to achieve it therefore, it was beyond his expectations to fake weight loss pill be able to increase the one star strength after refining that trace.

Eyes, but found that there was a strange rune covering the area around the strange black poisonous spot, and fake weight loss pill it seemed that this rune blocked the expansion of the poisonous spot this is.

The method of sealing poison that I learned from the seven colored poison scripture that we accidentally obtained in the cave in qingshan town in addition, you have the help of different.

Little dignified en xiao yan nodded slightly, but he didn t say that if he could find the third kind of strange fire, he should also be able to refine the poison spot after all, it would.

Surrounding empires, and even in the entire northwest region, fake weight loss pill it is extremely difficult to find them the little doctor frowned slightly and sighed liquid fast weight loss fake weight loss pill dou zun strongman, this level is fake weight loss pill enough.

Impossible for the other party to detoxify you therefore, there must be some fake weight loss pill friendship between the two parties, but with the status of the dou zun, if the other party does not have the.

So big, where is he going to find venerable feng could it be possible to let feng go and say that he is the disciple of venerable yao chen 2 weeks on keto diet Best Weight Loss Program by that time, venerable feng might not find him.

For a while, and spoke first two years medusa frowned even deeper, and sighed realistic weight loss goal calculator that is to say, within two years, a strong dou zun must be found to detoxify xiao yan, otherwise the devil s.

The second time it is used, it will not have much effect the little fairy doctor hesitated, and then smiled wryly dai mei raised her eyebrows slightly seeing this, medusa seemed Chromak Research fake weight loss pill to want.

To speak coldly again seeing this, xiao yan hurriedly squeezed between the fake weight loss pill two of them, and said helplessly it s useless to say anything now, let s discuss how to find the dou zun.

Strongman little immortal doctor, let s arrange a place for us first cailin and ziyan have participated in such a big battle, and we need to rest and recuperate naturally, the Rebel Wilson Weight Loss 2 weeks on keto diet little.

Fairy doctor would not refuse this request, and after whispering a few words with xiao yan, she turned around and left it seemed that she was going to prepare their residence personally.

Looking at the back of the little fairy doctor going away, xiao yan turned his head to medusa with a wry smile and said she has helped us enough, so you don t need to trouble her anymore.

Regarding xiao yan s preaching, medusa was noncommittal, raised her beautiful eyes, and said, what are you going to do now, you can t sit still and wait for death let s take a look first.

Traveling in the surrounding space in practice, sailing against the current, if you don t advance, you will retreat what you pay attention to is a long lasting surname if you want to.

List to be continued different fire list there are twenty three kinds of strange fires that are known in the mainland every kind of strange fire on this list has attracted countless.

People fake weight loss pill any news about them will cause a great shock this point has been confirmed many times by many facts the different fires on the list of different fires each have their own special.

Course, xiao yan has never done such a thing so far so whether it is true or not is unknown the second kind of strange fire is naturally the fourteenth ranked falling heart flame in terms.

Of destructive power, this kind of invisible fire is similar to qinglian s heart fire, but its superiority lies in its strangeness after learning about the heavenly fire list, the highest.

Heavenly fires perhaps, only the liulilian heart fire, which is a fusion of two heavenly fires, can compare with it as for the strange fires in the front, xiao yan had never seen them.

Again, and he didn t even know fake weight loss pill Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss what the names of those strange fires were or what special effects they had the destructive power of bone spirit lenghuo, ranked eleventh, is already so.

The person who recorded the strange fire list learned of this mysterious strange fire news, so as to rank them xiao yan once occasionally listened to the medicine and mentioned does addyi cause weight loss that the.

The first five, is the top ten fires, and it has never been caught in the hands, and finally I had to take the second place and chose the eleventh ranked bone spirit lenghuo, and even so.

Thinking back to how shocked yao lao was when he got the first broken ancient map in the cave and recognized what the black lotus was who would have thought that the thing he had been.

I can get the real location of the jinglian demon fire but having said that, the dou qi continent is so vast, and the difficulty of finding the last broken map is not much lower than.

Stood up he chuckled lightly and said, why did I forget elder su qian as .

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fake weight loss pill

fake weight loss pill Rebel Wilson Weight Loss, Shark Tank Keto Drink 2 weeks on keto diet Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank. the .

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fake weight loss pill

fake weight loss pill Rebel Wilson Weight Loss, Shark Tank Keto Drink 2 weeks on keto diet Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank. elder of the canaan academy s inner courtyard, he should know a lot of secrets due fake weight loss pill to the special status of.

Desktop into the storage ring, and with a wave of his sleeve, the lights in the house were wiped out, and the silent darkness filled the room you plan to go to the black corner region.

Seriously injured now, no one dared to ignore a strong douzong counterattack seeing the reaction of the two, xiao yan smiled and wiped the mouth of the bottle with his palm, and the.

Fell down slowly hehe, iron guardian, .

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why do you have to run so fast xiao yan smiled and looked at the iron guardian who was carefully hiding in the flame cover, not daring to let his.

Body touch the surrounding flame wall what on earth do you want our soul palace guardians all have soul imprints in the soul palace if you kill me, you will definitely be noticed at that.

Two strong men around you who can be arrogant in the eyes of the soul temple, you will destroy you, but it will be the work of your hand if you know it, you will put me early, otherwise.

Guardian s eyes after a long while, he said fake weight loss pill unwillingly what news do you want to know about soul palace how is the strength of the soul palace xiao yan raised a question that he was most.

S eyes also flashed a trace of solemnity the powerhouses of the dou zong rank are only the lowest level of guardians what kind of strength will the higher ones have I don t know if you.

Back to pay however, this is not because there are many branch halls on the mainland in the soul hall of the headquarters, and the place where we pay our souls is in those branch halls do.

Said, this is the secret of the soul palace if it is revealed, my fate will not be much better than dying at your hands a cold light flashed in the dark eyes, xiao yan clenched his palm.

Much better you still want to imprison me hearing this, guardian tie s face changed and he roared angrily can t we just let you go like this xiao yan sneered, and without waiting for the.

Region first while looking for fake weight loss pill Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss the strange fire, I also do some investigations on the soul palace according to the iron guardian, with my current strength, it is impossible to pose any.

Doctor said indifferently, the establishment of the poison sect was just a whim at the time, and if I really want to say it, the painstaking effort put into it is naturally not as good as.

Appearance to appear on this snake human queen who kills people without even blinking her eyes ziyan on the side, looking at the two boredly, couldn t help but rolled his eyes, didn t he.

Shoulders trembled, and the emerald green fire wings stretched out finally, when the fire wings fluttered, his figure quickly lifted into the air sister .

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cailin, take care, I ll see you.

Successfully control the enandu body, I might be able to have a good talk with you the little fairy doctor said with a smile, and immediately moved her delicate body, then she flew into.

At the direction where the three of xiao yan disappeared after a long time, she sighed softly she had a feeling that fake weight loss pill xiao yan s departure this time might take longer than any previous.

Return and thinking of this, medusa didn t have the slightest resistance in her heart, but had a faint expectation this is really an incredible thing for a woman like her who has always.

Region, since there were only three people, there was no need for does levothyroxine cause weight loss or gain xiao yan and the others to take the flying beast their speed was much faster than that thing if they hadn t been.

Could find the materials that control the little doctor xian e s difficult poison body and in this search xiao yan and the others naturally had to fight against some tyrannical monsters.

In the mountains, and they rushed all the way, although they didn t get the few materials they needed, but with zi yan s special treasure hunting ability, they got a lot of rare medicinal.

A strong aura otherwise, if one day he provokes a peerless beast does napping help weight loss that even a little doctor can t beat, it would be really fun but with the rushing and constant search for all kinds of.

Route in memory, xiao yan led the two little doctors and immortals to keep a low altitude swipe if they passed through some cities in the black corner region halfway, they would also get.

Down and walk through them when they passed through the cities, they would Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill also hang around in some auction houses and pharmacies in the city to see if they could find the materials they.

Recent years, they didn t know much about its detailed information xiao yan fake weight loss pill also felt helpless about this, but from the news that he inquired about he could know that it seemed that the.

News, he also asked about it and following this way of exploring while advancing, fake weight loss pill xiao yan and the three of them finally gradually arrived at the middle of the black corner region after.

Things that are auctioned here are far from being comparable keto diet daily meals to those of the miter family of the jia ma empire thinking about xiao yan s three thousand thunder movements, this kind of.

City was the fake weight loss pill black emperor sect the black emperor sect also has a great reputation in the black corner good keto diet recipes region, but unlike other forces, this black emperor sect is extremely low key.

Dragons and crouching fake weight loss pill tigers these words are indeed true the so called black list does have some gold content, but it is not all in this chaotic land, the real strong still choose to hide.

Very interested in this type of large scale auction maybe there, he might is noom a keto diet be lucky enough to get the news of the last broken map even if he didn t get the news of the map, this kind of.

Three materials needed to control the enandu body and after fake weight loss pill making up his mind, xiao yan stopped procrastinating after buying a map of the black corner region at a high price, he took the.

Empire combined can t compare to it, and in this huge area filled with chaos, there are naturally many strong people, and even with xiao yan s strength to act here he also had to be a.

Little more cautious although he had deflated a lot of forces Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill in the black corner region at the beginning, that was only a small part with the strengthening of which cardio machine is best for weight loss his strength now, xiao yan.

Her fake weight loss pill little fake weight loss pill face and said angrily soon the young man said lazily, chewing on the bitter grass root you have said this sentence dozens of times hearing this sentence, zi yan immediately ran.

Two figures clearly the two figures were a man and a woman the man was around thirty, while the woman was just a young girl the man staggered, with some blood on his body, obviously.

Later while shouting in their mouths, the group of pursuers suddenly accelerated, and finally the figures fake weight loss pill flashed, and finally formed an encirclement circle, completely enclosing this.

At the man, and then swept his gaze over the purple Chromak Research fake weight loss pill clothed girl beside her although the latter had a trace of fake weight loss pill greenness between her kim kardashian weight loss injections brows, anyone with a discerning eye could tell at a.

Good looks the men in black around were extremely satisfied with xiao yan s sensible behavior, and all laughed strangely my friend, we are members of canaan academy please help us this.

Startled, and then the former said cautiously I am the tutor of canaan academy, and she is my student, mo ling hearing this, xiao yan nodded slightly, then smiled and said, if that s the.

Case, then come with me seeing xiao yan s smiling face, both mai di and the purple clothed girl opened their mouths, a little confused after such a long moment, can keto diet raise blood pressure the man dragged the purple.

Killing intent, maddy s expression also changed abruptly immediately, he pulled the girl in purple and rushed towards xiao yan and the three desperately however, the speed of the two of.

Like poisonous snakes the coldness emerging from behind was also noticed by mai di and the purple clothed girl, and the faces of both of them changed drastically fake weight loss pill with their current state.

Still understands the young man in front of him, who seemed to be only about 20 years old, must have far exceeded his expectations, and he said excitedly with ecstasy in his heart on the.

Landed on the surrounding mud hard, lifeless slap the petite figure slowly fell down, zi yan patted his little .

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hands, and said with a small mouth a group of not so famous fake weight loss pill Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss big fighters.

Xiao yan roll his eyes, and the latter immediately turned his eyes to mai Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill di and the two of them seeing xiao yan s gaze, mai di hastily cupped his hands and said, mr, thank you for your.

Immediately glanced strangely at the black robed young man in front of him who where can you buy the keto diet looked young but was extremely powerful after a while, the slender willow eyebrows were slightly clustered.

Said in disbelief looking at the shocked expressions on the faces of the two, xiao yan smiled, and said if there is no one with the same name in the inner courtyard, I think what you are.

Black corner region provided the fake weight loss pill greatest protection for many students when they practiced in the black corner region similarly, the founder of this huge force was still the person who.

Front of him in reality, this will inevitably make people feel a little unreal I didn t expect someone to remember me after not coming back for more than two years looking at the shocked.

Originally, we wanted to find rescuers, but we were discovered by the secret fake weight loss pill sentry of the magic flame valley, so we chased them all the way senior xiao yan, we have more than 30 students.

What his thoughts are, in this situation, he must take action what is the strength of that elder wu I don can a keto diet help high blood pressure fake weight loss pill t seem to have heard that there is such an elder in the inner courtyard xiao yan.

Nodded slightly, and then asked casually elder wu was only promoted last year he was originally a student of the inner court, and his real name is wu hao, mai di said Chromak Research fake weight loss pill quickly wu hao.

Distance, where there was a faint figure .

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flashing coldly elder wu, what should we do now the people of demon flame valley have completely blocked the entrance of the valley, and the.

The skirt that extends halfway when the corner of the skirt swings, the slender and round legs, even in such a desperate place, still make the male students in the rear couldn t help but.

Of sneaky tricks if you have the Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill guts, come down and fight with me wu hao stared at the gray robed figure coldly, and sneered haha, the name of the blood sword elder is extremely.

At the fighting spirit wings flapping behind him, it was obvious that he was another strong fighting king looking gloomyly at the two fighting kings above the valley, wu hao s heart sank.

Slightly his current strength is only a four star fighting king judging from the aura of these two people, he is obviously similar to himself if he fights alone, he is confident weight loss keto pills that he.

Can win the opponent, one against two, but he is obviously at a disadvantage and the reason why these people surrounded themselves and others but he still didn t choose to fight, and.

Provoke us I know you want to put your hope on the escaped person, but maybe this abacus is not as good as you imagined with a wounded big fighter and a drag bottle, you want to get rid.

Looking, and all of them are full of arrogance when the time comes, take them back and train them well, maybe they can be auctioned for a lot of money hearing the filthy laughter, a.

Bloody fighting spirit burst out of wu hao s body he looked at the fighting king with ferocious eyes, and said in a gloomy voice the bastards of the demon flame valley, sooner or later, i.

The black corner region now we can only force our way in, otherwise wait until the fourth elder of demon flame valley arrives there is really no chance, four mentors, follow me to stop.

His figure was like a blood shadow, and he went straight to taniguchi afterwards, a large number of students hurriedly followed, and a wave of vigorous fighting spirit also pervaded the.

Wide fake weight loss pill shot out, directly tearing the first few black clothed men in two who bore the brunt the splash of blood did not slow down the attack of the men in black figures flashed over.

Foundation with the joint efforts Shark Tank Keto Pills Free Trial fake weight loss pill for a while, they directly resisted the opponent s offensive this team used wu hao as an arrow to go straight to the mouth of the valley, and just as.

Bloody fighting energy was like a blood mist, lingering around his body, and the smell of blood filled the entire valley seeing wu hao s momentum, the faces of the two fighting kings.

Complexion was slightly dark, and there was fake weight loss pill a stern look between his brows his body was slightly thin, but his hands, which were exposed outside his sleeves, were unusually wide, and his.

Fingers were also surprisingly long under the sunlight, his nails shone Rebel Wilson Weight Loss 2 weeks on keto diet like blades of cold light and with the appearance of the old man in green, the faces of both sides changed the two.

And the others had obviously heard of it, so their expressions became much uglier at the moment above the sky, the green clothed old man vibrated his fighting spirit wings on his back.

Can t even deal with a junior hearing the words of the old man in tsing yi, the two fighting kings trembled all over, and immediately said quickly fourth elder, although this wu hao s.

Strength is similar to ours, it is not difficult for us to defeat him, but just to be on the safe side, the fourth elder was invited here just now, and I hope the elder will forgive me.

You fight together, it will be .

difficult to defeat him without paying a certain price I m afraid that you two will find me because you are really afraid that it will be difficult to deal.

Caught today, or continue to fight in the corner waving his hands a little impatiently, xie zhen said flatly in canaan college, there is no one who surrenders feeling the killing intent.

Gradually gushing out from xie zhen s words, wu hao s skin tightened, and he said in a can you have parsnips on keto diet deep voice, those canaan students behind him also gritted their teeth hey, the people of canaan.

To the ground, appearing not far in front of wu hao and others it s said that wu hao, the blood sword, doesn t even want his own life when he fights today, I want to try it how far can.

Completely when he saw the opponent s posture of clearly wanting to kill them all he looked at the slowly approaching xie zhen with blood red eyes, and held the blood colored epee tightly.

Changed slightly, he clenched his teeth and twitched the blood sword fiercely, but the five withered fingers of the other party were like giant tongs, freezing the blood sword so that it.

Blood sword elder wu seeing wu hao s injury and retreating violently, the group of girls and teenagers behind immediately shouted are you alright xiao yu put his palm on wu hao s back and.

His teeth, straightened his body again, his eyes fixed on xie zhen 2 weeks on keto diet Best Weight Loss Program with a flat face, and after a while, he took a deep Shark Tank Keto Pills Free Trial fake weight loss pill breath, and his face suddenly turned blood red poof a mouthful of.

Body the blood surged, and wu hao s fighting spirit suddenly increased a lot, and then his figure turned into a blood shadow again and rushed out eh, there are indeed some tricks, but in.

The face of real strength, these things are useless feeling that wu hao s aura suddenly increased a lot, xie zhen was also slightly surprised, mounjaro weight loss cost and immediately sneered, and with a swipe of.

His claws, a strong white battle energy fake weight loss pill emerged from the palm of his hand, and finally lingered around the sharp fingertips, glowing with a sense of coldness the blood shadow fake weight loss pill rushed over.

Grabbed the blood sword forcibly, and with a flick of his does keto diet cause dehydration arm, the blood sword came out of wu hao s hand, and finally shot heavily into a mountain wall boom when the blood sword was.

A mouthful of blood immediately, and his body also flew upside down suddenly, flying more than ten meters fake weight loss pill on the ground before slowly stopping seeing Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill that wu hao was wounded again, xiao.

With a grinning gaze, and said solemnly boy, if you 2 weeks on keto diet Best Weight Loss Program really let you practice for a few more years, I m afraid you can really surpass this old man, but it s a pity that geniuses always die.

Young as the cold voice fell, xie zhen poked his claws back, and immediately a surge of suction surged out, and a blood shadow rushed towards him suddenly, and finally turned into a blood.

Sword, which was held fake weight loss pill in his hand to fake weight loss pill die under your own weapon, I don t know if it is a shame for you xue jian casually pulled out a few fake weight loss pill sword flowers, xie zhen smiled lightly, and.

Some winter chantel weight loss girls couldn t help screaming the blood sword rapidly enlarged in wu hao s pupils at this moment, he had no other way but to close his eyes and wait for death laugh under the.

At the somewhat familiar huge black ruler, and after a moment, he seemed to think of something, and a look of ecstatic excitement suddenly appeared on his face xiao yan is you to be.

Hearing the laughter, everyone in the valley raised their heads sharply, only to see a young man in black robe with green fire atkins diet plan vs keto wings vibrating behind his back standing in the air above.

Mr xiao yu, who is he beside xiao yu, a few young mentors asked in a low voice with some doubts they were all junior tutors of canaan academy, and they had just been selected, so fake weight loss pill they.

Didn t remember the name xiao yan that well, and since two years were not short, they couldn t remember what the name represented some young students on the side were also puzzled, and.

Before they could ask any questions, fake weight loss pill a girl who seemed to have suddenly remembered something suddenly screamed the senior xiao yan in the inner courtyard of xiao yan, the founder of the.

Shrugged his shoulders, then the fire wings behind his back slowly dissipated, Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill and his figure moved grabbing lightly, he finally appeared in front of wu hao, put his palm calibrate weight loss pill on the handle of.

Help but rolled his eyes, and then turned his head away as expected, many little girls eyes sparkled because of this guy s Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill answer jie jie, in such a crazy tone, among the people who can.

Of breath, he knew that the black robed youth in front of him was also a douhuang powerhouse, but in terms of level, he was obviously far inferior to him it seems that this canaan academy.

His fingertips looked extremely sharp under the rendering of white cold air boy, the old man will let you see today what it means to be someone outside of others don t think that talent.

Said lightly as he dodged xie zhen s swift blow at will when the blow missed, xie zhen was also obviously stunned for a moment, obviously surprised that xiao yan was able to avoid it, but.

This blankness only lasted for a moment immediately, his eyes sharpened sharply, how much carbs a day for keto diet and with a movement of his Rebel Wilson Weight Loss 2 weeks on keto diet claws, he slashed out like a blade watching xie zhen s sudden attack with calm.

Eyes, the corner of xiao yan s mouth twitched, his weight loss eating plan fists were clenched tightly, and then suddenly blasted out, finally colliding heavily with xie zhen s claws when the fists and claws.

Collided, xiao yan s fist suddenly spread out, and then his palm shook violently, a fiery dark .

Are Keto Diet Pills Safe For High Blood Pressure

energy suddenly burst out from his palm boom a muffled sound sounded, xiao yan s body.

Remained motionless, while xie zhen s feet were rubbing against the ground, and he quickly retreated more than a dozen steps, and then he stabilized himself in horror, and shouted in.

Horror you have hidden your strength it s no wonder xie zhen weight loss clinics that prescribe phentermine near me exclaimed so much at the does raynaud s cause weight loss moment when the fists and claws clashed, almost all of the icy fighting energy in his body was.

Suppressed by xiao yan to the point that he couldn t even get out of his body in the end, he was even what can you eat at chipotle on the keto diet directly invaded Dr Oz Weight Loss Pill From Shark Tank fake weight loss pill by xiao yan s strange fiery energy, causing chaos in his body seeing.

They had heard a lot of rumors about xiao yan in the past two years, they had never seen them with their own eyes therefore, even though xiao yan showed up now, most people .

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fake weight loss pill

What Was The Weight Loss Product On Shark Tank fake weight loss pill Chromak Research 2 weeks on keto diet Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews. still felt a.

Couldn t help 2 weeks on keto diet Best Weight Loss Program laughing, and sighed softly xiao yu s cheeks fake weight loss pill were also full of smiles, in her heart, no matter what kind of difficulties she encountered, it seemed that as long as there was.

This guy all Chromak Research fake weight loss pill difficulties will be easily solved in a valley, xiao yixian and the medical weight loss pill phentermine others watched the battle in the valley condescendingly beside them, all the killers of demon flame valley.

But smile slightly the five months of traveling in the mountains and forests 2 weeks on keto diet Best Weight Loss Program and fighting countless monsters had indeed made his dou qi more pure and pure, and this close combat technique.

Yan who suddenly disappeared, xie zhen s eyes also shrank, and his figure quickly retreated however, just as his figure retreated, a black shadow comida permitida en dieta keto appeared behind him like a ghost, mixed.

Hoarsely xiao clan, xiao yan in the valley, the emerald green flames were blazing, and a flat, soft sound fell into xie zhen s ears lightly, but it made the latter s pupils constrict.

Suddenly to be continued xiao clan xiao yan hearing the plain and soft voice that came into his ears, xie zhen s face changed instantly others may feel a little unfamiliar with this name.

But he is like thunder, the founder of the xiao clan, the young strong man who left a great reputation in the black corner area back then even after two years, there are still keto diet birthday cake many people.

Bring a lot of pressure thoughts surged in xie zhen s heart, and a hint of retreat gradually emerged in xie zhen s heart back then, xiao yan was able to kill han how many times do you eat on the keto diet feng and other strong men.

Wang powerhouses were taken aback for a moment, then looked at each other, gritted their teeth fiercely, had to draw out their weapons, and then let out a low shout, leading many black.

Shadow men, and rushed towards xiao yan and others angrily stand back looking at the black clothed men charging forward, xiao yan turned his head and said calmly to xiao yu and the others.

Appeared directly in front of that dou wang powerhouse the sudden appearance of xiao yan also changed the face fake weight loss pill of this dou wang how often can i take a day off keto diet powerhouse, but his reaction was not slow, the sharp long.

Attack, xiao yan sneered, and immediately the heavy ruler slapped it fiercely, and finally collided with the long sword, only a crisp sound was heard, the long sword broke like a fragile.

Fighting king was killed here such a horrifying scene directly made the remaining fighting king feel a chill rush from his heels to his forehead he keto diet meal replacement hardly hesitated, and his fighting.

Spirit wings quickly rose from his back, and immediately rushed into the sky he turned around and wanted to flee however, just when its figure just turned the temperature of the.

Surrounding space suddenly rose, and immediately, a ray of emerald green flames swept over, and finally turned into raging flames, enveloping them all ah above the sky, the fleeing dou.

Of men in black this moyangu elite, who is not soft on killing people, couldn t help but swallowed at this moment he glanced at xiao yan who was not far away in horror, and immediately.