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Other party in this way, xiao yan is probably at least a fifth does celsius help weight loss Keto From Shark Tank rank or even a sixth rank alchemist the chuckles of the two women woke up han chi and the others from their sluggishness.

They looked at each other, and then gave xiao yan a meaningful look this young man always seemed to have a hint of unfathomable xue er, take brother does celsius help weight loss Keto From Shark Tank xiao yan to find a room to rest for a.

Chi s expression gradually became serious, his gaze turned to zhu gan, and he said, old mr zhu, just now zhu does celsius help weight loss gan let out a sigh of relief, turned his gaze to han yue, and said cautiously.

Made a great contribution this time, and invited a real great god back for my han family han chi murmured, and then said in a deep voice listen, all of you, treat xiao yan with the.

Highest standard of treatment, and don t be negligent in the slightest if any clansman dares to collide, the clan rules will serve him hearing han chi s stern shout, all members of the.

Han family hurriedly responded respectfully a young weight loss pills that work prescription man of the douhuang rank may not be enough Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink does celsius help weight loss to make the han family like this, but if on top of that, a pharmacist who can surpass all.

Achievement surprised xiao yan, it was limited to this with his current combat power, among the same level, there is a rowing machine or treadmill better for weight loss are very few who can beat him there are no less than ten douhuang peak.

Powerhouses who have fallen into xiao yan s hands after the matter is resolved and the favor is paid back, then leave before the alchemy meeting starts, if possible, try to break through.

To the douzong level workout split for weight loss although is chole good for weight loss it is extremely difficult, in order to get the three thousand flames, I can only find a way to fight xiao yan s face was a little dignified weight loss vyvanse How To Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink the alchemist.

Meeting is the most gold rich pharmacist meeting in the douqi continent no other meeting can compare with that scale it can even be said that the danhui represents the most outstanding.

Lose the name of yao lao suppressing the many thoughts in his heart, xiao yan suddenly touched the white ring with his fingers, and frowned slightly ever since venerable tianhuo absorbed.

The soul power of the fierce soul, he has does celsius help weight loss been in a deep sleep until now does celsius help weight loss if this former dou zun powerhouse wakes up, it will be of great help to xiao yan, but it is a pity that xiao yan.

Dare not use external force to wake him up in this .

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sleeping state sighing lightly, xiao yan seemed to have thought of something, turned his palm, and a jade bottle with an invisible flame.

The depths of the soul for how many grams of fat daily for keto diet the soul body, it is simply unbearable torture enough is enough xiao yan glanced at the illusory han feng in front of him, and said lightly hearing xiao yan s.

Yan couldn t does celsius help weight loss hear any joy or anger in his voice with a wave of his palm, falling heart does celsius help weight loss flame wanted to take han feng into the jade bottle again no, no, I said, I said seeing that xiao yan.

Time he has heard of the word respecting the elders could it be that the hall I reached through the soul induction between the fire seals last time was the extremely terrifying soul.

To it after all, there is does celsius help weight loss a difference between dou zun and dou zong thinking of this, xiao does celsius help weight loss yan also let out a does celsius help weight loss sigh of relief, looked at han feng coldly, and immediately waved his sleeve.

Han feng to shudder violently throwing the jade bottle into the ring, xiao yan also slowly closed his eyes the only way out now is to restore his strength does celsius help weight loss first only after the matter here.

Lights fluttered slightly, slowly driving away the darkness in the room during xiao yan s training and healing, the two days passed quickly within these two days, the han family had.

Prepared all the medicinal materials that xiao yan can yeast infection cause weight loss needed, and then ordered han xue to send them to xiao yan s room after getting the medicinal materials, xiao yan can a keto diet cure type 1 diabetes closed the door.

Extremely quiet cultivation environment and in such a closed door, the three day deadline set .

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by the hong family has also come to an end to be continued in the quiet courtyard outside the.

To weight loss perscription pills get up han yue was stunned, and raised her head slightly, her beautiful eyes were looking seriously at han xue s pretty cheek with a hint of charm in her icy beauty, where there seemed.

Said worriedly how is your injury it s almost all over xiao yan smiled, then waved his hand, and went straight to the outsider let s go, don t make uncle han and the others wait too long.

In the very center of tianbei city the tianshi terrace is very wide, about a hundred feet or so, and if you look carefully you will find that this tianshi platform is completely built.

Seats, countless black and dense heads are pouring in like a tide this time, the confrontation between the hong family and the han family has attracted the attention of the entire tianbei.

Hong family, hong chen, whom xiao yan had seen that day, was leaning on the stone chair with his arms crossed, looking at the direction of the entrance and exit of the square with a fiery.

Hey, the words are nice although that guy is quite annoying, but today in beicheng, among the younger generation, no one can beat him even han yue from the han family, I m afraid it will.

Xue just because I didn t receive the good intentions, I brought my how does the keto diet affect your bowel movements daughter in, haha, but don t worry, my hong family is very tolerant towards my daughter in law does celsius help weight loss hong li sneered okay.

And there was a faint coldness in the smile to be continued under the how many hours should you fast on keto diet gaze of the audience xiao yan stood up slowly, and immediately jumped up, stomping his feet on the stone chair amidst.

The sound of an explosion, his figure rushed straight down like a rocket, turned over in is rhubarb allowed on keto diet the air, and landed firmly on the boulder square who is this guy why have I never seen it before i.

Appeared, the does celsius help weight loss whispers around the square resounded loudly, and one after another suspicious does celsius help weight loss eyes swept over the former one after another on the seat .

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does celsius help weight loss

weight loss vyvanse Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work Shark Tank Weight Loss Liquid does celsius help weight loss Chromak Research. of the hong family, .

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does celsius help weight loss

Best Foods For Weight Loss weight loss vyvanse, does celsius help weight loss Mike Pompeo Weight Loss Shark Tank Products Weight Loss. looking at the.

And immediately said in a hoarse voice this kid is also very strong, I don t know where the han family found a helper oh, don t you know that hong chen can beat him hearing Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink does celsius help weight loss this, hong li.

This guy s haughty tone, and said with a light smile the nameless junior, xiao yan, can t compare to master hong chen s name do you have cheat days on keto diet does celsius help weight loss stop fooling around with me, I ll give you ten breaths of time.

Master s name, hong chen, it s your honor to lose you in his hands hong chen sneered, stepped on the sole of his foot suddenly, and a thunder light with a thick arm shot along the ground.

Fierce light flashed in his does celsius help weight loss eyes, his claws danced wildly, and afterimages appeared in front of him in a dazzled way the sharp wind of claws almost covered xiao yan s entire upper body.

Fight hong chen for so many rounds without losing wind thunder kill the attack was repeatedly blocked, and finally a serious look appeared in hong chen can we eat honey in keto diet s eyes, and the underestimation in.

Energy ripples burst out from the contact point, and cracks like spider webs spread out on the surrounding boulders as the cracks spread, a figure shot backwards fiercely, and the soles.

Actually hong chen his eyes stayed on hong chen s body for a moment, and countless eyes turned back instantly, and immediately, they stopped on the young man who had only taken two steps.

Secret method of fenglei pavilion today advent of thor with a bang of footsteps, countless silver snakes surged out from under his feet in just a short moment, it filled the surrounding.

Tens of feet, and hong chen, who was in it, looked like the thunder god at the moment, with a terrifying momentum seeing that hong Keto Gt Shark Tank does celsius help weight loss chen actually used thor to descend, does celsius help weight loss everyone in the han.

Family s expressions changed han xue and han yue looked at each other, and they also saw a hint of worry in each other s eyes however, when they looked at xiao yan, they only saw that the.

Skill use it, it will have some effect on the increase of battle energy in addition, the thunderstone is naturally heavy, and can u have beans on the keto diet it is full of power when wielded ordinary strong, but dare.

Not confront it holding the hammer hammer in his hand, hong chen s eyes became even sharper he waved it twice casually, which actually directly caused a piercing sonic boom the power of.

Challenge even if he wants to leapfrog not to mention the same level, even the kind of powerhouse at the peak of the douhuang, I m afraid he can have the power to fight, no wonder he.

Difference of one word are two completely different concepts, as well as two completely different realms and strengths all the eyes of the audience were focused on this does celsius help weight loss battle that was.

Strongest of the douhuang peak, it is quite difficult to defeat him after pondering for a while, the gray clothed old man let go of his thoughts and said calmly hearing this, hong li also.

Sky swimming ruler feeling the terrifying thunder and lightning coming from the sky and does celsius help weight loss Keto From Shark Tank covering the sky xiao yan s eyes also froze slightly, and immediately the heavy ruler in his hand.

Green flames rose quietly boom as soon as the foot shadow defense was formed, the does celsius help weight loss huge thunder and lightning hammer crashed down, and finally smashed hard on the foot shadow immediately.

Erupted in an instant for a moment, countless thunder and lightning forces smashed on the foot shadow defense under such dense bombardment, the foot shadow defense quickly became weak.

Xiao yan who ketones in urine from keto diet was wrapped in the power of silver wind and thunder, and laughed loudly hmph, the power of mere wind and thunder, why should I be arrogant just as hong chen laughed, there.

Are the only means you have, then next, let me do it amidst the flames, a slight sneer appeared on the corner of xiao yan s mouth, and immediately his handprint changed suddenly, and a.

Low shout resounded in his heart tianhuo three profound changes glazed changes with the sound of drinking, the flames covering the surface of xiao yan s body surged violently, .

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and finally.

Retreated into xiao yan s body at the same time, the momentum of the latter, just like hong chen before, began to soar rapidly in just a short moment, the latter directly surpassed the.

Astonishment in his eyes at this moment, and murmured where did this kid come from, and he hid it so deeply this time, hong chen is probably really in trouble to be continued when the.

Douhuang at this moment, then xiao yan is the real douhuang peak, and the distance from the douzong is only one step away what a Keto Gt Shark Tank does celsius help weight loss powerful secret method with such an increase, even the.

Thunder god s advent of fenglei pavilion can t compare hehe, it seems that xueer really invited a great god for my han family on the seat of the han family, han chi looked at xiao yan.

People, even in their entire lives, have never taken it, the difficulty of which can be imagined if I am still carrying the last two transformations of the heavenly fire three mysterious.

Method might be used it really has some effect, if you have time in the future, maybe you can try it thoughts flashed across his mind, xiao yan also quickly pulled his mind back to.

At all xiao yan easily found the location again, a look of shock flashed in hong chen s eyes, and the palm holding the hao lei hammer trembled slightly xiao yan s ferocious blow earlier.

Became a little embarrassed he kept waving the hao lei hammer in his hand, bringing a faint sound of wind and thunder, and ruthlessly swung it at the ruler shadow covering his whole body.

In does celsius help weight loss Keto From Shark Tank front of him clang clang clang on the square, two figures flickered and appeared the speed of the two was so fast that ordinary people could only hear the sound of weapons colliding.

Could detect does weight loss reverse diabetes his body position at any time compared with strength, xiao yan s body was tempered by many heaven and earth spirit treasures and different fires, and he was far stronger weight loss vyvanse How To Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink than.

Him in these situations, he fell into a disadvantage how else would he fight xiao yan with such a situation on the court, anyone with a discerning eye can see that hong chen s chances of.

Heavy ruler and the iron hammer slammed again, xiao yan s eyes were slightly cold, his arms were like snakes, and with a strange twist, he suddenly are pears good for weight loss appeared in front of hong chen, landed.

Mouthful of blood spurted out, and his body also suddenly shot backwards, drawing a trace of more than ten meters on weight loss vyvanse How To Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink the ground, and then slowly stopped the sudden change in the arena.

That the person who retreated from the injury .

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was actually hong chen, the expressions of shock on their faces became even stronger as the battle continued to this extent, some people who.

Few people of the same generation can compete with him, unless at this point, the old man in gray paused for a moment, then murmured unless miss feng makes a move hearing this, hong li s.

Body was poured into the clear thunder hammer, and a ten foot large thunder light lingered upwards, enveloping his entire body thunder hammer does celsius help weight loss a hoarse shout suddenly came from the.

Cold look in his eyes this move must be hong chen s killing move it is indeed not weak, and it should be an earth level fighting skill, but it seems to need essence and blood to activate.

It if this happens, he will also fall into a weak state after using this attack in other words, the current him has no power to fight anymore then this keto weight loss calculator how long confrontation will end with the.

Xiao yan frowned, and stepped back again, and his mouth also moved rapidly in the end, it opened suddenly like a toad immediately, an earth shattering roar of lions and tigers rose into.

The sky above the square lion and tiger broken gold substantial sound waves burst out from xiao yan s mouth like lightning under the head on collision of the sound waves, the body of the.

After a moment, he suddenly condensed, and the bright emerald crystal light quickly condensed into a mysterious energy handprint in his palm this emerald green energy handprint is only.

The size of a palm, and it exudes crystal luster throughout it looks as if it is made of green crystal it is extremely exquisite, but although it looks beautiful, the energy contained in.

Light, they quickly and strangely dissipated broken does celsius help weight loss Keto From Shark Tank a hint of coldness flashed across xiao yan s eyes, and .

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he let out a low shout, and then his palm shook violently immediately, the power.

Chen in the does celsius help weight loss distance with the palm of his hand, does diet green tea help with weight loss the heavy ruler reappeared when the sole of his foot stepped on the ground, his figure disappeared instantly weight loss vyvanse How To Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink seeing xiao yan s figure.

Hammer a fierce gust of wind hit his body fiercely, with violent force, shaking his figure so that a trace of tens of meters was made on the ground pfft does celsius help weight loss suffering a heavy blow again, hong.

The young man in linen clothes, from the beginning to the end, had the calm appearance of an ancient well, like a deep pool of bottomless water, unfathomable elusive he really won on the.

Towards the field does celsius help weight loss this life was given by you yourself, so you can t blame anyone the soft voice entered hong chen s ears, and a chill of fear spread out from his heart before he could.

And finally fell headfirst to the ground spit out weight loss episode on shark tank forcefully, xiao yan kicked out almost at the same time, kicking hong chen s body towards the strong wind coming from behind the grey.

With you hong li s resentful voice made the commotion on the tianshi platform gradually quiet down faced with hong li s venomous words, xiao yan s expression did not change, and he said.

Wants to repent in public han chi glared at hong li, and said coldly, tianshitai is the natural arena of tianbei city on this competition, life and death depend on fate your hong family.

Doesn t know this, Keto Gt Shark Tank does celsius help weight loss right after being scolded by han chi, hong li s face also trembled, his eyes glowed fiercely, and he laughed angrily I care about you, this kid hurt my son, my hong.

Family will never let it go, don t you han family still want to go to war with my hong family for an outsider han chi s face was gloomy, his eyes were fixed on hong li, and his cold voice.

Confrontation, hong li does celsius help weight loss s expression also became extremely ugly although he spoke harshly, their hong family didn t take reason in today s matter, but it was absolutely impossible for him.

Expressions of han chi and the others also changed slightly people from fenglei pavilion I don t know the old man s name han chi cupped his hands and said politely, even though the.

The competition the gray clothed old does celsius help weight loss man waved his hand and prepared han chi s words he glanced at xiao yan whose expression hadn t changed much from the beginning to the end, and said.

Before that, this person must honestly explain to the old man where the three thousand thunders he practiced came from at the end of the speech, shen yun s face suddenly became much.

Colder three thousand thunder moves has a special meaning to their fenglei pavilion three thousand thunder phantom the fenglei does celsius help weight loss pavilion is able to have its current status in the zhongzhou.

Qualified to practice however, now, he suddenly saw this physical fighting skill being displayed by xiao yan it is no wonder that this old guy is so moved hearing shen yun s words, the.

Expressions of han chi and the others also changed, and they looked at xiao yan in astonishment obviously, they were very surprised that he possessed the unique skill of fenglei pavilion.

Afraid there is some misunderstanding about this matter we should have a good talk, and the matter should be resolved why are we so tense is it possible to tighten loose skin after weight loss han chi cupped his hands at shen yun he does celsius help weight loss smiled.

Thunder pavilion, and the north pavilion master will decide how to deal with does celsius help weight loss you two, let the old man kill you on the spot no matter what, three thousand thunder movements must never fall.

Looking at the indifferent shen yun, xiao yan suddenly laughed, shook his head, and said, fenglei pavilion, I m not interested, so I won t go shen yun nodded slightly, with murderous.

Seemed that the elder does celsius help weight loss of fenglei beige was really irritated by xiao yan s words hearing the anger hidden in shen yun s laughter, han chi and the others Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed weight loss vyvanse hearts gradually sank however, xiao.

Agree to does rapid tone weight loss pills really work when he arrived at their territory, if he had all the demon puppets, it would be more dangerous he would never do such a stupid thing that would put him to death although this.

Retreating in a hurry, moved his body suddenly, ignoring the Keto Gt Shark Tank does celsius help weight loss warm and fragrant nephrite can you have cherry tomatoes on the keto diet in his arms, he slapped his zinc and weight loss body with a palm, a burst of soft energy burst out, and does celsius help weight loss flung it.

After seeing that fist clash, even shen yun couldn t resist, a wave of horror burst out of his heart uncontrollably stabilizing his figure, when shen yun quickly raised his head, a little.

Shock appeared on his murderous face, his eyes fixed on the silver glow, and he said Keto Gt Shark Tank does celsius help weight loss are carbs good or bad for weight loss in a deep voice who are does peppermint tea help with weight loss you this is my fenglei pavilion s business, please don t get involved under.

Actually a puppet, how could this guy have such a powerful puppet when the silver light disappeared, shen yun was stunned with his eyesight, he could tell at a glance that this was just.

Gloomy voice came slowly from behind the silver figure, and then does celsius help weight loss xiao yan Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed weight loss vyvanse walked out slowly, staring at shen yun solemnly shen yun s face trembled slightly, and he said sinisterly I didn.

Speed directly caused the sound of sonic boom along the way, which made people dumbfounded shen yun s heart sank slightly as the earth demon puppet rushed forward after the does celsius help weight loss short fight.

Eyes burst out with unconcealable greed a does celsius help weight loss puppet of the dou zong does celsius help weight loss weight loss vyvanse How To Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink rank is enough to make the hong family desperately does celsius help weight loss exchange for it mr shen, please don t Keto Gt Shark Tank does celsius help weight loss worry, I will personally kill.

S expressionless face also showed a murderous intent this member weight loss vyvanse How To Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink of the hong family is indeed quite disgusted by others hong li, in your capacity, taking action against a junior is a.

Was randomly slashing in front of him a few times, only to see that even Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink does celsius help weight loss the space was slightly sunken although this hong li was quite contemptible, his strength was not weaker than Chromak Research does celsius help weight loss han.

Chi at does celsius help weight loss all according to xiao yan s prediction, this guy might also be a strong man with half best meal delivery for weight loss a foot in the dou .

Can I Take Topimax For Weight Loss

zong rank however, no matter whether he has entered dou zong with half a.

Hong li was of does celsius help weight loss Keto From Shark Tank the wind attribute, and this kind of fighting qi was generally quick and agile, and its attack power was not weak hong li, finish that kid quickly while xiao yan was.

Thinking about it, shen yun s shout suddenly came again, but this time, there .

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does celsius help weight loss

weight loss vyvanse Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work Shark Tank Weight Loss Liquid does celsius help weight loss Chromak Research. was a little more urgency in the shout his gaze quickly followed the voice the sneer at the corner of xiao.

Yan s mouth was even worse it could be seen that shen yun, who used to look like a master, was already at a disadvantage by the earth demon puppet every time the latter waved his fist, he.

Would dodge in a bit of embarrassment with the strength of the earth demon puppet, chen yun was no match for it but even so, anyone can see that under the attack of the earth demon.

Puppet, that chen yun only has the power to protect himself, but no counterattack shen yun s situation was also taken into consideration by hong li, and he couldn t help but shudder at.

Dou qi, and he appeared in front of xiao yan almost in the blink of an eye the big knife in his hand danced a few dazzling lights like a thunderbolt, slashing fiercely on xiao does celsius help weight loss yan s body.

The saber light landed on xiao yan s body and passed through Chromak Research does celsius help weight loss directly, but did not bring up any blood afterimage hong li s eyes narrowed slightly xiao yan s figure appeared ten meters.

The two kinds of flames emerged, the temperature of this square suddenly rose, as if all the moisture in the air had been evaporated at this moment feeling such a change, hong li was also.

Thunderbolts was used to the extreme, and afterimages emerged in a dazzled way, dodging all of hong li s attacks, and with his speed, it was naturally does celsius help weight loss difficult for does celsius help weight loss hong .

li to catch up.

Increasingly violent energy in his hands, han chi couldn t help but wiped the cold does celsius help weight loss sweat from his forehead, and said sincerely it seems Chromak Research does celsius help weight loss that he kept his hand that day judging by his.

Thing in the eyes of many people therefore, just one of them requires a mav nutrition women s weight loss pills reviews person s infinite energy to reach this level in two fields by himself I m afraid it can only be described as a.

In the does celsius help weight loss end they could only grit their teeth and rushed forward bravely you shameless bastards seeing the hong family s actions, han xue, who had calmed down a little bit just now.

Our han family, we can t just do nothing, han xue said struggling hey, you girl, why are you so reckless today if you go up, you can only become xiao yan s burden, and instead drag him.

Want to see him Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed weight loss vyvanse die don t play tricks on me, I don t know what you re thinking han chi snorted softly, seeing han xue s slightly shy pretty face, he couldn t help but sighed with a wry.

Smile while they were involved, the nearly ten or so strong members of the hong family surrounded xiao yan in a circle, making it difficult for him to use his body skills to dodge run.

Like a ghost, but the straight Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink does celsius help weight loss green fire lotus stayed in place, and then, a bright crystal light, carrying a trace of destructive power, exploded loudly to be continued boom keto diet macros for weight loss in the loud.

Tianshitai trembled violently slim patches for weight loss a series of thick cracks in the arms spread out continuously from the fire wave the speed of the fire wave spread was extremely fast in just a few breaths.

Wave of fire covered almost half of tianshitai countless people wiped the sweat on their does celsius help weight loss foreheads due to the high temperature with trembling palms, and watched with trembling lips in the.

Fear of death, and under the burst of fire lotus, they felt a breath of death fortunately, the fire wave did not spread to the auditorium in the end, but the high temperature that seeped.

Jumping in horror the spread of the fire wave lasted for nearly a minute before it stopped slowly .

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does celsius help weight loss

weight loss vyvanse Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work Shark Tank Weight Loss Liquid does celsius help weight loss Chromak Research. the dense dust covered half of the tianshi platform, making it difficult for people to.

Inside of the stone platform reappeared in the eyes of everyone that day, but when their eyes looked over, they suddenly froze like petrification on the huge square below, a huge pothole.

With several tens of feet appeared abruptly outside the pothole, there were densely packed cracks like veins, entangled with each is hiit training good for weight loss other occupies nearly half of tianshitai one after.

Suppress xiao yan before were now lying is keto diet good for breast cancer not far away covered in scorched black the hong family is really going to lose their flesh this time looking at those scorched does celsius help weight loss guys, han chi.

Be regarded as the top existence of the hong family, but it is definitely the backbone force even the hong family cannot afford to lose so much all at once where is xiao yan while han Chromak Research does celsius help weight loss chi.

Quickly, and soon they saw a figure standing vacantly in the sky behind it, a pair of crystal clear bone wings about ten feet long and wide were slowly flapping occasionally, there would.

Took a step forward, appearing beside an injured hong family dou huang strongman, without saying a word, the heavy ruler was raised, and the spin was like playing a ball, fanning out one.