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In front of him, a look of fear flashed in his eyes, he could feel that the little doctor fairy was also a dou zun strongman, and his level might be even higher than him as soon as the.

Steps forward snort seeing the two red robed old men stepping out, venerable tianhuo let out a cold shout, and also took a step forward, appearing on the left side of xiao yan, with a.

Group will leave in a big way, but this ye family may become a place for the cao family to vent their anger in the future, the ye family will have to be removed from danyu hearing this.

Liangzi between blood sugar levels on keto diet the ye family and the cao family had indeed formed a bond master cao dan, please xiao yan said in a flat voice, ye zhong s choice made him a little surprised this old guy.

Put all his chips on him if xiao yan made any mistakes in the middle, the ye family would be completely ruined cao dan s expression changed, he naturally didn t want to be thrown back.

Empty handed like this, but if he robbed him by force, the two opponents would not be afraid of them at all after pondering in his heart for a while, cao dan suddenly glanced at xiao yan.

Flashed across his mind, but the smile on cao dan s face was rather bright since you and I are both pharmacists, naturally we can t fight and kill like a vulgar person, and play with fire.

Calmly, but he was also slightly relieved the .

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cold eyes of the little doctor fairy always made him feel a little creepy he hadn t how to measure for weight loss heard of the name enandu body, but it was the first time.

Yan nodded slightly, since he could send these guys away with the least effort, it was naturally the best well, since mr xiao yan is determined, then you can do as you please seeing that.

The cao family spent countless efforts to obtain it from an eighth level monster hearing this, xiao yan was not surprised at all when the pale black flame appeared, he felt that the power.

Of this thing was not weak after reminding xiao yan, ye zhong also waved his palm, and everyone backed away slowly, leaving enough space for the two of them as everyone retreated, the.

The giant black eagle, xiao yan nodded slightly this guy s arrogance was not unreasonable he was able to control the flames so proficiently that ordinary alchemists were indeed inferior.

Perfection with his current fire control ability, is ricotta good for weight loss even yao lao will definitely praise him if he sees it here cao dan thought he had made a bet that he was very good at, but he never.

Expected it with a flick of the finger, a ray of blue flame are sandwiches healthy for weight loss slowly rises from the fingertips, then detaches from the fingertips, rises against the wind, and quickly turns into a huge fire.

Wolf it roars up to the sky, Weight Loss Clinic Near Me are sandwiches healthy for weight loss and the long lasting wolf howl lingers in the midair of the entire city this cyan flame is naturally just qinglian s heart fire compared with playing with.

Shrank suddenly, and he looked at the fire wolf greedily it really is a strange fire, the rumors are indeed true, this kid is also carrying a strange fire however, when playing with fire.

Ferocious giant mouth, and ruthlessly collided with the fire hawk as the flames swept around, the two also rushed together fiercely, biting crazily, and the flames all over their bodies.

Vindictiveness this kind of contest that only relies on flames is quite rare in the sky, while is sabudana good for weight loss the two fire beasts were biting each other madly, they were unusually flexible, tossing and.

Only between the rotation of his mind .

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are sandwiches healthy for weight loss

how much weight loss on saxenda Keto Pills On Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Shark Tank are sandwiches healthy for weight loss Chromak Research. this contest, the competition, is also the tyranny of the soul power compared with xiao yan s unrestrained expression, cao dan s expression was a.

Fire will not be able to stop his strange fire looking at the black eagle in the sky after the battle, the flames all over his body were slightly dim, cao dan frowned slightly, but after.

Blood red eyes with a step of four hooves are sandwiches healthy for weight loss in mid air, it rushed to the battle circle in the sky together with the black eagle, it crazily bit the fire wolf, killing the blue flames on the.

Fire beasts long ago seeing that the fire wolf formed from different fires was so tenacious, cao dan frowned, and then a look of cruelty flashed across his eyes, and with a wave of his.

Of cao dan, which can be seen from the paleness on his face xiao yan, when playing with fire, not only the quality is important, but the quantity is also very important you must keep it.

Help but smile a little complacently xiao are sandwiches healthy for weight loss yan glanced at him lightly, then smiled and said, thank you, young master cao prescribed weight loss pill canada dan, .

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are sandwiches healthy for weight loss for reminding me, since that s the Chromak Research are sandwiches healthy for weight loss case, let s win by quantity.

Groups of flames of different colors turning into a ferocious fire beast, it slowly rose into the air, and the colorful fire lights shone Shark Tank Weight Loss Pills are sandwiches healthy for weight loss on the dull faces of the people below, which.

Looked extraordinarily funny ten kinds of flames, plus the first qinglian earth heart fire, that is a total of eleven kinds of flames, xiao yan was able to control all eleven kinds of.

Also like tigers descending from the mountain they collided fiercely with cao dan s four fire beasts, and then crazily bit them together, clusters of flames continuously drifted down.

Then got into xiao yan s mouth as for the other eight fire beasts, they gradually turned into nothingness with a tremor this kind of beast fire that has not been refined into a fire can orange juice cause weight loss seed.

Can only be used once after one time, if it is not replenished, it will dissipate due to the exhaustion of energy in it master cao dan, please with qinglian s heart fire back, xiao yan s.

The face for him it s no wonder that ye zhong puts his hopes on you sure enough, there are two brushes I underestimated you cao dan took a few deep breaths, suppressed the anger rising in.

His heart, and said in a dark voice xiao yan smiled faintly although this cao dan was also a seventh rank pharmacist, from xiao yan s point of view, he was at the lowest level of seventh.

Time, my cao family will not come to make trouble again at this point, cao dan s ruthless eyes suddenly turned to ye zhong and the others, and he said coldly but your ye family wants to.

Ye family can rely on him to squeeze into the top three of are sandwiches healthy for weight loss the assessment this time ye zhong s face changed slightly, and he said coldly you don t need to worry about this kind of thing.

You re done talking, please go ahead xiao yan crossed his fingers without looking at cao dan too much, he are sandwiches healthy for weight loss said calmly for xiao yan s unsalty attitude, cao dan was full of anger if it.

Weren t for the are sandwiches healthy for weight loss fact that there were two strong fighters sitting behind xiao yan, I m afraid he would really not be able to help but let the master in bitter clothes take action and give.

This annoying guy a hard .

lesson you are a pharmacist, so you must come to participate in the alchemy meeting at that time, someone from my cao family will come to clean you up and leave.

Out of the courtyard afterwards, a group of cao family strongmen looked at each other, sighed secretly, and hurriedly followed seeing everyone in the cao family leaving in despair, the ye.

Can support a family with just one person oh xiao yan also had a flash of surprise in his eyes there are such people in the cao family the witch s real name is cao ying her life is almost.

Nothing more than scumbags waiting to die of course, not only them, but even xiao yan himself had a dignified look on his face this zhongzhou is indeed a hidden dragon and crouching tiger.

If his current achievements are a combination of talent and hard work, then this cao ying may really be a little demon girl favored by heaven at the age of twenty, she has reached the.

Seventh rank in the past two years, she should not have made no progress I guess, maybe she is now speaking of this, even ye zhong paused, and immediately looked bitter the current her.

Should be at least at the peak of the seventh rank the entire courtyard was silent for a twenty two year old seventh potassium in keto diet rank peak pharmacist, with such achievements, even if he looked at the.

Wants to become a giant in the alchemy tower step by step, the prerequisite is to win the alchemy meeting once ye zhong sighed cao ying has a lot of ambitions, so she will definitely not.

Ever since he practiced alchemy, he had never met anyone who was too tyrannical among his peers even the alchemist conference he attended in the jia ma empire, the only thing that.

Xiao yan did not have the continuous halo on his head sure enough, the pressure is not small it is indeed the most valuable conference in the alchemy how is a keto diet different from atkins world with a soft sigh keto pills vs keto diet in his heart.

Of the alchemy club looking at it now, he really has a lot of talent otherwise, how could he be able to overwhelm the crowd xiao yan suddenly smiled in his heart he remembered that yao.

Although cao ying is not weak, Shark Tank Weight Loss Pills are sandwiches healthy for weight loss it is still unknown who will win as long as she has not reached the eighth rank level, otherwise, there is no way to say that she will win refining elixir.

Laughed xiao yan nodded slightly, eighth rank and seventh rank are completely different levels of concepts, the pharmacists that xiao yan met in these years and who were able to refine.

Meeting what is the best intermittent fasting for weight loss no matter how strong the opponent is, I have to Chromak Research are sandwiches healthy for weight loss go all out hearing this, ye zhong nodded with a smile, and said, mr xiao yan, there is still less than a month to go before the.

Leave, just let me know I will take a day off and practice hard work for a while hearing that xiao yan was going to carry out that self abuse like penance, even ye zhong couldn t help.

The consumption is too great according to common sense, this is indeed the case, but xiao yan is not only born with a strong soul, but also has the help of different fires, which can save.

Zhongzhou whenever the danhui starts, the danyu will become the focus of the entire zhongzhou and even the mainland countless people or forces will flock here like hungry wolves smelling.

Everyone on the mainland knows that pharmacists, especially some high level pharmacists, should try not to provoke them, because these people are like a hornet s nest, and they will cause.

Countless troubles a high level alchemist is also the most coveted by some forces in order to be able to draw them into their subordinates, many forces will offer Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Video how much weight loss on saxenda all kinds of attractive.

This kind of conference gathers excellent pharmacists from the entire continent, and those who can stand out here must be extremely capable as long as these pharmacists are recruited, for.

Change Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Video how much weight loss on saxenda naturally attracted the attention of ye zhong and the others, and they were all a little shocked at the moment they clearly felt that when the pill was about to fall a few times.

High grade pills were formed, which was extremely imaginable although they didn t know why every critical moment, the surge of energy how much weight loss on saxenda Keto From Shark Tank would suddenly disappear, but they understood that it.

To xiao yan s alchemy skills kaka while ye zhong and the others were secretly turning in their hearts, the tightly closed stone door was slowly opened, and a burst are sandwiches healthy for weight loss of hot and high.

Retreat the little immortal doctor and venerable tianhuo on the side were also slightly startled because of this scene, the former was fine, but the latter looked thoughtful xiao yan.

Tomorrow, you are ready xiao yan nodded, he didn t expect the Shark Tank Weight Loss Pills are sandwiches healthy for weight loss Chromak Research are sandwiches healthy for weight loss time to pass so quickly during the retreat, nearly a month passed in the blink of an eye mr xiao yan you should be fine ye.

Have appeared in him seeing xiao yan was so dazed, ye zhong was also a can vegetarians follow the keto diet little stunned, wondering if it Weight Loss Clinic Near Me are sandwiches healthy for weight loss was just an illusion it s not your illusion, it s that this guy s soul power seems.

To have improved during this time of retreat venerable tianhuo finally turned his eyes away from xiao how much weight loss on saxenda Keto From Shark Tank yan, and said with a smile soul power hearing this, xiao yan was taken aback for a.

Soul power, but you don t have a very good understanding of it hearing venerable tianhuo s words, both xiao yan and ye chong fell into deep thought the former was completely at a loss.

While the latter frowned slightly he seemed to have seen this argument in some ancient books of the family soul power, there is no difference in level, but it also has a difference in.

Levels, the mortal realm, the spiritual realm, the heavenly realm, and the vast majority of people in the emperor realm, even alchemists below are sandwiches healthy for weight loss Keto Pill Shark Tank the eighth rank most of the soul realm stays.

Pharmacists, if they happen to be able to faintly touch the spiritual world, and if their soul power reaches this level, they will have an effect, that is, endowment, which means to give.

The emperor grade the only thing I can tell .

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you is that this realm is related to the emperor grade pill, and the emperor are sandwiches healthy for weight loss grade pill is Weight Loss Clinic Near Me are sandwiches healthy for weight loss related to the legendary emperor dou but this realm.

She has only been promoted to dou zun not long ago in terms of knowledge, she can t compare with old monsters like venerable tianhuo I seem to have seen these arguments in some ancient.

Soul skills, but it has obviously been lost now, because even I have never are sandwiches healthy for weight loss seen the so called soul skills before, venerable tianhuo said with a smile the soul can still be cultivated.

Seventh rank pharmacists don t know the so called soul realm however, it would be the best if we could get consumer digest women weight loss pills a soul skill for cultivating the are sandwiches healthy for weight loss soul with this thing, we should be able to.

Is extremely difficult for today s pharmacists to step into the eighth rank I don t know if the pill pagoda has soul skills and can become the sacred place in the hearts of countless.

Elder seat again depends on how xiao yan ranks in the assessment of the five major families if xiao yan can successfully make the ye family enter the top three in the assessment, then Shark Tank Weight Loss Pills are sandwiches healthy for weight loss the.

It in shengdan city with peace of mind can i have almonds on keto diet although my ye family is gradually declining, I still have some connections in the danta after all, an elder of ye s family said solemnly the elders.

Straight into the slowly rotating pitch black wormhole afterwards, xiao yan and others followed closely in the silent space passage, xiao yan and others flashed out with ye zhong throwing.

Zhong really put a lot of thought into it a few people skimmed onto the giant ship, ye zhong touched the bow of the ship familiarly, and a circle of energy light barriers stretched out to.

Surround the hull, and then the hull shook, and then it accelerated suddenly, and with a how to keep skin tight after weight loss whistling sound, it are sandwiches healthy for weight loss flew towards the invisible wormhole in space yecheng does not have a direct.

Spatial channel to the holy pill city, so we can only go to a city called qingling city first only through the space wormhole there can we reach the holy pill city ye zhong turned around.

The terrifying attraction of the alchemy society all over the street, the silhouettes of pharmacists of various colors almost dazzled his eyes such a number of pharmacists was the first.

Pharmacists in qingling city moreover, this is just a city in the pill domain I really don t know how shocking the flow of people will be if all alchemists gather in the holy pill are sandwiches healthy for weight loss city.

To compete with the heroes of the mainland this is a recognition of strength wan ding rises together, who can be respected with that kind of blood Shark Tank Weight Loss Pills are sandwiches healthy for weight loss boiling, xiao yan and his party finally.

City, the holy place in the hearts of all alchemists xiao yan put his hands behind his back, and his eyes were also staring at the silver keto diet how many calories per day light circle in the distance the blood flowing in.

Gradually relaxing, a burst of extremely piercing, noise like noises pierced into their ears overwhelmingly xiao yan and the others, who were caught off guard, were instantly dizzy the.

Could be seen was the red line that stretched from the eyes to the can i do exercise on keto diet end of the line of sight looking at it, it must be at least a thousand meters wide xiao yan and others stood in it, like.

Tiny ants, not attracting attention at all at this moment, this scarlet square is almost full of people, and the overwhelming noise comes from it, and finally gathers together, soaring are sandwiches healthy for weight loss to.

The size of yecheng, but this holy pill city is how many blueberries in a keto diet actually equipped with eight hehe, don t be surprised the holy pill city is divided into the outer domain and the inner domain now we are.

It xiao yan wiped the cold sweat Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Video how much weight loss on saxenda off his forehead this is not a city, it is simply another vast area according are sandwiches healthy for weight loss to xiao is non alcoholic beer good for weight loss yan s guess, this so called holy pill city may not be much smaller.

Than the black corner region with such an area, even if some dou zong experts want to fly it from north i want to start a keto diet to south, it may take nearly half a day the flow of people is not at its peak yet.

T underestimate the attraction of the pill club xiao yan shook his head with a wry smile when he arrived in the holy pill city, he just knew what a country bumpkin is in such a huge city.

To shengdan is yellow rice bad for weight loss city he is not familiar with this place at all, everything depends on ye zhong, an old horse in a few more days, the assessment of the five major families will arrive I have.

Traveled all day today, so find a place to rest tomorrow, I will take you to a testing site in the pill tower you need to pass the exam to obtain a badge of alchemist grade certified by.

Grade badge once, that is, he got a third rank alchemist badge when he was training in the jia ma empire, and he never got it again after that hehe, the dan tower s certification is no.

Stared at the snow white che luan, but after a while, his brows frowned elder ye zhong knows .

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who the owner of this che luan is seeing this, xiao yan couldn t help asking curiously did you.

Who could go there would naturally not be mediocre as he spoke, ye zhong turned around and flew towards the outside of the red square afterwards, xiao yan, xiao yixian and others followed.

Closely to be continued xiao yan and his group followed ye zhong around the outside of the holy pill city for about half an hour finally landed in an area near the south in the place.

Years, and right in front of that courtyard, there was a wooden plaque with two vaguely recognizable characters on it ye yuan this is a property of my ye family back then, but after the.

Defeat of the ye family, no one took care of it anymore, but it s good to rest for a while looking at this courtyard, ye zhong turned his head and said to xiao yan and his party as for.

Pill city, I still haven t sensed any fluctuations are sandwiches healthy for weight loss related to the three thousand flames Chromak Research are sandwiches healthy for weight loss it must be sealed or hidden by the strong man of the pill tower after can you have sugar in tea on keto diet pondering for a moment, xiao.

A silver gauze, adding a bit of charming charm has not rested yet seeing the little fairy doctor, xiao yan was also taken aback, and then said with a smile xun er told me to protect you.

Before I left, how could I go on strike if you haven t rested yet the little doctor said with a smile hearing the little .

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fairy doctor s witty words, xiao yan couldn t help but smile after.

The future, you can only rely on yourself however, Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Video how much weight loss on saxenda the ernandu body is not an ordinary physique, and there has never been anyone who can completely control the ernandu body before, so i.

This when I see are sandwiches healthy for weight loss xun er deepak chopra weight loss 2023 next time shaking his head, xiao yan calmed down, sighed, and said, there are some things that naturally cannot are sandwiches healthy for weight loss be kept hidden it s not uncommon for a man to have.

Two strong fighters guarding her by her side at any time even if xun er agreed, the ancient clan would probably use this as an excuse to stop her seeing that xiao yan didn t want to talk.

Too much about it, the little doctor also changed the topic, and the two of them sat on the stone ladder in front of the room, looking up at the endless starry are sandwiches healthy for weight loss sky we haven t watched the.

I return to the jia ma empire, I will accompany you there to watch the night as if hearing xiao yan s soft voice, the pretty face of the little fairy doctor also gradually became softer.

Starry sky as he stared intently, he suddenly discovered that the night sky of the holy pill city seemed to be more spiritual than the night sky of other places frowning slightly, xiao.

Leaves gradually faded, and tender shoots emerged quietly are sandwiches healthy for weight loss it seemed that they were full of aura as for the changes around his body, xiao yan at this moment is naturally unable to guess as.

Soul in the spirit realm as if sensing the remaining spiritual energy of the soul, there was a faint sound of surprise in the empty space in the outer domain of the holy pill .

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city far.

Away from here, in the yeyuan courtyard, xiao yan, who had his eyes closed, opened it suddenly, stepped back two steps, and suddenly turned to the depths of the holy pill city are sandwiches healthy for weight loss with a pale.

Smile, the owner of the previous shout did not even appear, and just a single word shattered his soul this kind of ability, I am afraid that at least some eighth rank alchemists can do it.

Tender grass emerged from the ground, rendering the originally withered yellow ground full of vitality this is xiao yan frowned slightly he clearly remembered that in the daytime, it was.

Matter what, the increase in spiritual energy in this soul is finally a good thing for xiao yan according to this speed, if you enter a few more Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Video how much weight loss on saxenda times, I m afraid you will good calorie intake for weight loss be able to.

Enter the so called spiritual realm if that s the case, this year s alchemy meeting can be regarded as very sure feeling the sense of comfort brought about by the spiritual energy in his.

Also quietly sounded I don t know although I shattered the soul of the spy, it was just a strand of soul, and it shouldn t have caused too much damage strengthen some martial law three.

Thousand flames will absorb the light of the stars and become stronger and stronger we can t keep sealing it, but it has a lot of resentment towards us once the seal is broken, I m afraid.

Following this person s words, the space fell into a moment of silence it is said that even yaochen fell into the hands of the soul palace the silence lasted for a while, and a low and.

Next day, when the little fairy doctor woke up from a deep sleep, he saw the spring scenery in the garden I was taken aback at the moment wake up xiao yan, who was sitting cross legged on.

With me hearing this, the little fairy doctor hesitated for a moment, then looked at xiao yan, who nodded slightly at her, and then she said softly then be careful xiao yan smiled.

Smaller than the headquarters of the jia ma empire s alchemist guild at this moment, in this tower, there are many alchemists wearing robes representing various levels of alchemists the.

Eyebrows it was a rare auction that belonged to alchemists are sandwiches healthy for weight loss however, he did have some interest in this, and even if he met something he didn t need, he could open his eyes hehe, come with.

Me first, the south is the place for level certification ye zhong smiled, turned and walked towards the southern area of the tower, xiao are sandwiches healthy for weight loss yan also quickly followed when the two of xiao yan.

Hovering between the eyebrows actually had a sign of gushing out, 3 day keto diet plan and then are sandwiches healthy for weight loss poured into the girl s body bite his teeth fiercely on the tip of his tongue, xiao yan released his palm like an.

Said well, when order weight loss pills the time comes, what they are sandwiches healthy for weight loss say, you just pretend you didn t hear it after saying that, ye zhong turned around and walked towards .

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are sandwiches healthy for weight loss

Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews how much weight loss on saxenda, are sandwiches healthy for weight loss Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews Weight Loss Supplements. a special passage, followed by xiao yan.

Of them xiao yan and the two walked along the light, and immediately an extremely spacious room appeared in the sight of the two this room was quite spacious and extremely quiet, with no.

Noise from the outside coming in at this moment, there were nearly a dozen people standing in the room, and their gazes how much weight loss on saxenda Keto From Shark Tank were now resting on xiao yan and the two of are sandwiches healthy for weight loss them hey, elder ye.

Zhong, I didn t expect you to bring someone to participate in the assessment this time it seems that everyone else knows that this job is quite embarrassing xiao yan and the two had just.

Seductive the eyes of the two men beside her kept focusing on certain parts of her body, with fiery and greedy eyes the woman in white seems to look extremely cold and arrogant when her.

Men are handsome, and the woman is beautiful they look extremely masculine and feminine although these three people did not say anything to ridicule, they just glanced away, and then.

Of the so called qiu family hehe, are the members of the ye family here too in the room, there was also a white haired old man wearing a purple pharmacist s robe when he saw ye zhong, the.

Sure enough hearing this, a mean smile appeared on the corner of the mouth of the gray clothed old woman, and the icy white clothed woman beside her also gave xiao yan a slightly.

Seeing the white haired old man speak, the room became much quieter first come, first served, qiu family, are sandwiches healthy for weight loss you test it first the white haired old man turned his eyes to the three members.

Of the qiu family who had never joined the conversation, and said calmly hearing this, a man and a woman behind the old man of the qiu family quickly stepped forward and hugged the white.

Haired old man respectfully what level of badge are you are sandwiches healthy for weight loss two planning to assess the white haired old man glanced at him and said casually sixth grade Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Video how much weight loss on saxenda intermediate hearing this, the white.

Left of the four gates behind him, and said these two handsome men and women nodded, took a step back, and looked at each other with a little complacency the surprise of the white haired.

Old man made them quite satisfied white house seeing the white haired old man turn his gaze, the two men behind the gray clothed old woman stood up first, and said loudly sixth grade.

Intermediate the voices of these two people were not small, and it directly caused the complexion of a man and a woman in the qiu family to change slightly, and then a low hum came from.

Qiu family also changed slightly, while the old woman in gray had a smug smile on her face good the white haired old man nodded slowly, this bai family has a lot of talents, compared to.

Room instantly focused can i have whipped cream on a keto diet on xiao yan there was a slight disdain in these eyes the face that the ye family has lost in these years is not too small among those gazes, xiao yan stepped.

Yan nodded slowly, and said casually then it s the seventh rank intermediate after saying this, the ridicule in the room suddenly stopped to can the keto diet cause kidney problems be continued inside the room the atmosphere.

Three members of the qiu family didn t sneer like the bai family and the others, they glanced suspiciously at xiao yan back and forth, obviously thinking that this are sandwiches healthy for weight loss kid was bluffing jokes.

Xiao yan still persisted, the white haired old man s expression became more and more solemn on this occasion, if the former was not a fool, he probably wouldn is bacon good on the keto diet t take this for himself, but.

Elder han li nodded slowly whispering sound xiao yan nodded with a smile, but there was a sneer from the side, his eyes shifted slightly, and he saw that cold and beautiful woman from the.

Bai family, with a sneer and sneer on the corner of her lips, obviously she felt extremely disgusted with xiao yan s actions originally, her assessment level was the highest, and she.

Should enter the mysterious level room, and high level ones should enter the earth level room as soon as he finished speaking, he Shark Tank Weight Loss Pills are sandwiches healthy for weight loss turned his gaze to xiao yan and said, for you, let s wait.

Face turn pale instantly she stared at ye zhong with gloomy eyes and said with a sharp smile, okay, I remember what you said when your ye family is removed from the five major families, i.