We at Chromak Research, offer GMP analytical services as a reliable contract testing lab and highly professional. Our chemical laboratory is fully equipped with various instruments and operated by an esteem analytical team who concentrate on quality assurance and regulatory compliance to meet USFDA and other related regulatory requirements. We have strong group of laboratory technicians holding wide range of experience and expertise to find optimal and professional solutions.
Chromak Research provides chemical testing for your various types of products to fulfill your needs or requirements. Chemical testing and analysis are necessary for regulatory compliance and to understand the quality and composition of chemical substances and materials that are used in products, industrial processes and manufacturing processes.
Our team is well experienced to perform all the essential tests including chemical analysis, research and development, new method development and validation as well as trace and ultra trace elements analysis. We Expert in chemical testing and analysis services including composition analysis, trace contamination detection, metals testing, identification of unknowns and regulatory testing. We apply our total Quality Assurance expertise to virtually any industry sectors like chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dyes & detergents, agrochemical and consumer products etc.
We at Chromak Research with ISO 17025:2017 certification, strict cGMP compliance and other recognized industry standards perform various testing protocols according to standard methodologies (USP, UN, JP, EN, EP, FCC, OECD, ASTM etc.). We also maintain datasheets, logbooks of equipments and other documentation required as per GDP.

Chemical Composition Analysis

We perform chemical composition analysis. For that we use various techniques that can cover a wide range of methods and applications and from that we determine product’s purity, identity, composition or mixture, chemical structure and impurities.
For product development and manufacturing process, reliable unknown impurities and product’s purity also can be analyzed in this.

Chemical Trace Analysis

Chemical trace analysis is often very complicated. Our chemical trace analysis includes detection, identification and measure trace organic / inorganic impurities or contamination found in compounds and trace metals analysis. Our expertise provides results with detection trace and ultra-trace levels impurities in ppm or ppb levels in samples and even for complex samples. Residue analysis includes detection and identification of residues and this expertise is regularly deployed to solve many problems in industry. We also perform Extractables and Leachables (E&L) studies to quantify leachable impurities that originate from pharmaceutical process equipment, container closures and medical device packaging. Our services deliver accurate results using wide range of instruments for trace or ultra trace level impurities.

Elemental Analysis

Elemental analysis is even more important in various industries. Our scientists can identify and quantify the elemental composition of chemical samples and compounds by using a wide range of elemental analysis techniques like spectroscopy, spectrometry etc. We provide elemental testing services in organic and inorganic analysis, aqueous, non-aqueous materials and metals analysis. our laboratory is capable of analyzing trace elements up to levels of parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb) and parts per trillion (ppt) level ranges, depending upon sample matrices and analytical techniques. We perform testing using industry standards protocols according to standard methodologies (ISO, UN, JP, EN, USP, EP, FCC, OECD, ASTM etc.) to identify and quantify the elemental composition. We use USP 232 or 233 for elemental analysis in various types of industries like chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dyes & detergents, agrochemical and consumer products etc.

Contamination Detection and Analysis

Contamination is unpredictable and can originate from unexpected sources in many ways.
Chemical contamination in samples requires a quick response to resolve. Chromak Research uses advanced laboratory instrumentation to quickly identify and troubleshoot contamination issues. Our scientists can identify and quantify the suspected contaminants in compounds by using a wide range of techniques like spectroscopy and microscopy. We understand that clients get troubled via contaminant products and face many problems with that. So, we provide quick response to you with your contaminant products to get out of this problem in less time.

Material testing and Analysis

We have rich experience in full testing of sample using different standards and methodologies. We also develop new methods for samples and have wide experience to validate those methods. We also use our state-of-the-art instruments to analyze samples from various industries like pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, cosmetics, and healthcare or wellness.

We provide these types of Chemical Testing:

  • Chemical Purity and quality tests
  • Identification of chemicals
  • Analysis of API, RM and Excipients
  • Chemical Trace Analysis
  • Routine Testing
  • Identification and detection of impurities
  • Contamination testing
  • Composition in product
  • Stability testing
  • Water analysis
  • Retention sample testing
  • Total organic carbon and Residue testing

We support you when you need safe and quality products, by providing you with solutions to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements at each step of the product’s life cycle, from the raw materials to finished goods. We have over 30 years of experience in chemical testing services so you can trust on us. We charge you minimum as compared to others and release your products or give you full data of analysis on time or as per your requirements for timing.