Potentiometric titration is a volumetric method to determine the concentration or potential of substances. In a potentiometric titration, indicator and reference electrodes are appropriate to study chemical reaction in titration.  The end point of the titrant measures current of an indicator electrode that records as a function of added volume of titrant of known concentration. Chromak Research perform acid base titration, redox titration, complexometric titration and precipitation titration to measure assay or purity of your organic and inorganic compounds. These titrations are very cost effective of various products.

Karl Fischer titration is a widely used analytical method for quantifying water content in a solid, liquid and gaseous samples. The fundamental principle of it is based on the Bunsen Reaction occurring between iodine and sulfur dioxide in an aqueous medium. At Chromak Research We use Karl Fischer instrument to determine water content of the products from many industries like pharmaceuticals, food, oil, chemical etc. Our scientists perform the analysis by using standard methods of USP <921> chapter for Water determination and also use our in- house methods which are already validated.