It is a necessary requirement by regulatory agencies for any product that is utilized by humans or animals to ensure microbial contamination. MLT is performed on a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients, medical devices, and non-sterile packaging from raw materials to the finished form of the product in order to determine the microbial load. Analysis is performed by our experts according to the strict guidelines and procedures outlined in USP<61>, USP <60> and USP<62>. USP<61>analysis quantifies the total aerobic microbial count and total yeast and mold count in a product being tested, while USP<62> allows for the detection of potential pathogens within a sample and USP <60> allows for the detection of Burkholderia cepacia Complex. Chromak Research Labs is capable to perform microbial limit testing as per USP <2021> and <2022> for nutraceuticals.