Method development and validation are essential components in the development process of drug products or substances. Chromak Research has a very experienced team to assist you in developing the most suitable techniques or methods for determining the analysis of products in qualitative and quantitative way. Our expertise develops methods to ensure you that the identity, purity, accuracy and stability of products which are accurate, precise and reliable. And also, it suits your acceptance criteria for that product.

When appropriate methods develop for your products, then its very necessary to validate those methods in proper way. Our Method validation process is used to demonstrate the suitability of any method for intended purpose like quality control and regulatory compliance. We perform number of experiments on the methods, materials used and instruments that cover the validation of methods.

We perform validation process by changing laboratories and operators, to assure your process is healthy enough and not to effect results. Chromak Labs is able to perform method development and validation on raw materials, API (Active pharma ingredients), Finished products and drug substances etc. We can help you in any phase of your product development process. Our team with more than 30 years of expertise understand the demands of clients clearly and support your product development needs at every stage of your process from prototype to finished product. We respect your intellectual property rights and complete the commitments made by us.