Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing (AET), also known as Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET), is a method used to assess whether the preservative in a product, or the antimicrobial properties of the product itself, are effective in controlling the growth of microorganisms. Antimicrobial preservatives are substances that inhibit or eliminate the growth of microorganisms.

Why to choose Chromak Research?

  • Chromak Research laboratory adheres to cGMP standards and possesses cutting-edge analytical instruments. Chromak Research provides a variety of services for testing the antimicrobial effectiveness of products, aiming to validate their claims and efficacy. Several testing methods that we follow in our lab, such as USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, ISO 11930 for evaluating the antimicrobial protection of cosmetic products, and Personal Care Products Council Methods M-3 to M-7.
  • Pharmaceutical products that are designed to be used multiple times are required to have antimicrobial preservatives according to pharmacopeial standards. This is to ensure that the products are protected against microbial growth and to guarantee their safety throughout their lifespan. At our microbiology labs, we conduct routine preservative efficacy testing to assess the effectiveness of preservation systems for various types of products such as parenteral, ophthalmic, topical, or oral medications.
  • The analysis we offer includes validation and covers a wide range of product types including drugs, over-the-counter products, cosmetics, and personal care items. Some common antimicrobials used in these products are parabens, alcohols, and quaternary ammonium compounds. Our services also extend to analyzing injections stored in multi-dose packaging and samples containing antimicrobial preservatives.
  • Our comprehensive internal culture collection allows us to conduct efficacy tests in accordance with pharmacopeial standards, or tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

It’s important for manufacturers to conduct antimicrobial effectiveness testing regularly, especially when there are changes in the formulation or manufacturing process, to ensure ongoing product safety and efficacy. Our microbiology laboratory possesses extensive knowledge and experience in conducting preservative efficacy testing, specifically the USP <51> challenge test. The lab’s microbiologists consistently perform preservative tests to generate dependable results. At Chromak Research, we offer a comprehensive range of antimicrobial services and testing in compliance with different regulatory standards, aiming to guarantee the utmost levels of product safety and effectiveness.