Probiotics, also known as live biotherapeutic products (LBPs), are expected to maintain sufficient levels until their expiration date when consumed, in order to have an impact on health or treatment. The number of bacterial cells is currently considered the main factor affecting the efficacy and quality of probiotics or LBPs. Counting probiotic bacteria is a vital evaluation method for assessing the viability, composition, longevity, and quality control of the product. At Chromak Research, we support manufacturers for counting probiotics to obtain crucial data of the potency and reliability of their products.

At Chromak Research, Enumeration methods that are routinely tested include:

  • Anaerobic or Aerobic incubation methods
  • Spore forming bacteria enumeration using sonification or additional mixing steps to break the spores.

Techniques used for Enumeration of Probiotics:

  • The Plate Count Method cultivates probiotic bacteria on agar media and counts resulting colonies.
  • Microscopic Counting uses staining techniques to count individual probiotic cells under a microscope.
  • Flow Cytometry stains probiotic cells and counts them using a flow cytometer.
  • Molecular Techniques like PCR analyze probiotic DNA or RNA for quantification.
  • The MPN Method dilutes samples and records growth in multiple tubes to calculate the most probable number.
  • Viable Cell Counting directly quantifies viable probiotic cells using automated counters or flow cytometers.

Why Choose Chromak Research Lab Services?

The Chromak Research has ISO 17025:2017 certified laboratory with cGMP and FDA-registered services according to the standards. Our microbiologists at Chromak Research have a wealth of experience in performing probiotic Enumeration tests. Our team can accurately measure the microbial content in your samples and identify specific microorganisms present. We offer customized testing strategies to meet the unique needs of your industry and products, ensuring precise and reliable results. We strictly follow industry regulations to help you meet compliance requirements.