Sterility testing plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors as it guarantees the absence of viable microorganisms in a product or substance. At Chromak Research, we specialize in providing Sterility testing USP <71> to ensure the safety of sterile pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and substances. Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and facilities for comprehensive microbiological analysis in compliance with USP <71> standards.

Chromak Research provides a top-notch sterility testing service that adheres to a rigorous standard procedure. There are various methods available for sterility testing, such as direct inoculation, membrane filtration, and bacteriostasis/fungistasis test. The first two methods are utilized to identify any potential presence of contaminating microorganisms in the samples, while the last test serves as a means to detect the existence of antimicrobial properties. All of these assays play a valuable role in determining the sterility of the samples. Following the sterility testing, we will furnish a dependable result that accurately reflects the quality of the samples. Additionally, we offer customized testing services to cater to specific requirements. We offer sterility testing for Master Cell Bank and Working Cell Bank; Final Bulk; Unprocessed Bulk Harvest and Other Samples.

Sterility testing is an essential component of sterilization validation and serves as a crucial quality control procedure for substances or preparations that must be sterile. To ensure accurate results, the testing is conducted in an aseptic processing environment by trained and experienced personnel. The testing area must meet the ISO class 5 particulate control requirements and test for viable bacterial and fungal organisms, as well as conduct particulate testing.

Chromak Research offers a sterility testing service that adheres to the guidelines set by USP, EP, JP, and BP. Our state-of-the-art clean room and meticulous procedures ensure that our experienced scientists provide reliable and convincing sterility testing services. Furthermore, our team of scientists will assist you in determining the appropriate timing and methods for testing your product in accordance with the governing standards for sterility tests. They will closely collaborate with you throughout the entire process.